A few days ago, we took a look at the Timex Weekender, which, in the black color combination we saw, looks very similar to the watch shown here.  The question is, is it worth the price difference?

Much like the Timex, we have a very simple style (hours / minutes / seconds) with a day and date display mounted on a canvas strap.  Also like that Timex, we’ve got a smaller (by today’s standards, at least) case, at 37mm.

Here is where the paths diverge in the proverbial woods, however.  This Seiko SNK809 features an automatic movement (the Timex has a quartz one).  Of course, you then have the Hardlex crystal that so many Seiko’s feature, and has water resistance to 100 meters.  And, from what I could find online, the lume on this watch is just as great as many other in the Seiko lineup.

So, you might be curious as to what the price may on this particular piece, figuring that the automatic movement puts it well out of the same category the Weekender falls.  Well, how does $64 sound?  Sure, the MSRP is closer to $185, but quick search will cut that price in a third.

Yes, it is about double the price of the Weekender, but you are trading up to an automatic Seiko movement and the Hardlex crystal.  I’m sure you’re be happy with either of these watches serving in a “beater” capacity, but to my eyes, the Seiko offers some very nice advantages, if you don’t mind the increase in price.


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    JK ALL THE WAY. Patrick is great. Thanks, phs_phl for finding it.

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