It’s been a good long time (over a year, actually) since I put a Sinn model up on these pages, so I’d say it’s high time we dive into their catalog again.

The one I honed in on today is one of their newer watches, the 901 Sport Chronograph.  What originally drew me to this watch was the striking design.  Square (or squared-off) cases aren’t as popular these days, and to see squared sub-dials is a new one on me (at least to my recollection).    Of course, this is a styling exercise, as it really doesn’t impact the readability.  For me, I like it, as it’s a visually bold design, especially once you notice how many repeating square shapes there are.

You’ll notice that the lugs are squared off as well, in a sort of “wire” format.  This can make for a lighter feel to the watch.  Here, specifically, it’s hiding an interesting function.  The lugs can be adjusted, on the fly, through three 0.8mm increments.  Not something you truly need, but it will allow you to truly make the watch fit your wrist.

The case also has another unique twist to it, with regards to how it’s protected.  It’s been made more scratch-resistant by being put through a tegiment process.  While it’s not a coating, per se, there is a protective layer that develops on the steel in the hardening process (hence the term tegiment, as the Latin “tegimentum” means “protective layer”).  I’ve not handled a case with this treatment, so I can’t say how effective it is (or isn’t) – but anything that can keep our watches scratch free is worth trying out.

Under that coating you’ve got our well-known stainless steel.  When that’s paired with a nickel-free case back, you’ve got an assembly that should help some folks avoid skin irritation.  Top it off with a sapphire crystal, and you’ve got a watch that has a 100m water resistance rating AND is low-pressure resistant.

All of this protects the Valjoux 7750 while it does it’s time keeping (and timing) work.  That movement, along with the special case (adjustable lugs, tegiment treatment), and the fact that this watch is limited to 150 pieces, makes for a rare piece.  Not surprisingly, this brings the price in at around $3,750.  So, while this writer won’t be getting one, I’m sure there are some fortunate folks out there who can go pick one up.

All photos courtesy of Sinn

ByPatrick Kansa

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