In the case of Jaime Hayon and Ian Lowe, they end up creating a new watch brand, Orolog.  As you can tell from the pictures in the post, these are very sculpted pieces.  While the case itself is square, there are no straight lines.  The edges of the case are rounded over, and the lugs themselves are round as well.  Certainly a nice break from the norm of what we’d see.

The watches themselves seem to be available in two flavors – a three-hander, and a chronograph (both with date display).  What’s interesting to me, on the chrono, the date display is way out in the corner, so I’m not quite visualizing how it’s being fit in there.  Could be why we’ve only got the angled shots, as well.

That oddity aside, both styles do share quite a lot, actually.  Both have a diamond waffle pattern on the dial, giving a nice bit of texture; you’ve also got a crown that appears to have a color-coordinated insert in it.  A minor point, but still gives the thing a nice bit of unity around the whole piece.

Each of the different models are relatively limited editions, with only 1,000 of each planned to be created.  These Swiss-made, Ronda quartz powered pieces will also feature a 5 ATM water resistance rating.

The one piece I can’t really tell you is the pricing.  Given they’re coming from a design house, though, I’m guessing they’re going to be a bit pricier than we might expect for a quartz.  If you want, you can drop them a line to get more information:

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