I must really have that Explorer II stuck in my head – I keep seeing it show up other places, or am reminded of it by other watches.  If you”re like me, and are starting to form the idea that you might get a Rolex at some time in your collecting, ABlogToWatch has a great set of articles for you.

The first one () is a general overview / guide as to when you should buy a Rolex.  Now, this isn”t going to give you a hard and fast rule (ie, have one year in emergency reserves and then buy a Rolly, or wait until you”re 45).  Rather, Ariel goes into some of the various takes that readers of the blog have, as well as some others who are more well-versed in the space than I am when it comes to Rolex.


Once you have some idea of when you might want to buy, you”re ready for part two ().  This gets into what model you might want to pick up, and asks you to think about what sort of like that the watch is going to live – do you just want an all-arounder, or are you looking for something more in line with wearing a suit every day of the week?  While the article doesn”t go into every single model and iteration, it covers the major breakdowns in the family, and can give you some idea of where you might want to focus your search.


I”ll say this as well – while the articles do focus in on Rolex models, you could apply this sort of thinking to whatever brand of watch you might have as a “grail” in your mind, or to focus some of your thoughts on getting a “nice” watch.

* All photos from ABlogToWatch

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