Or, more precisely, something they’re calling the SmartWatch.  And, if your smartphone of choice happens to be powered by Android and is part of the Sony XPeria line, this just might be of interest to you. Why is that?  This particular Android-powered watch (that’s right, it runs Android) is set to mesh quite nicely with those handsets.

To begin with, the watch offers up a variety of ways to be worn.  The 36mm square case (only 8mm thick) can either be clipped onto a silicone strap (or any 20mm strap, for that matter), or clipped onto just about anything else (ie, strap of a bag, your belt, etc).

And, if you did have it strapped on, you could do quite a bit to control your phone with it, including:

  • Read texts and emails
  • Review calendar reminders
  • Use Facebook and Twitter
  • Reject, mute calls, or take calls
  • Control the music player

Now, that’s just what Sony’s PR lists out for functionality.  Given that it runs Android, and should have access to the Android Market, it’s conceivable that the functionality could be expanded.

Of course, using those apps/widgets on that tiny OLED display might prove to be problematic, depending on what you try to do.  On top of that, if you do use it a lot, you may find your watch running out of juice.  They estimate that the battery should last a week with low usage, but could be drained in a day if you use it a lot.  And you thought charging your phone daily was a chore!  Good thing that USB cable (with a proprietary connector, of course) comes gratis.

No mention of pricing, but some estimates I’ve seen put it around $150.  If you’re interested in the watch, you can check out what phones it’s compatible with here.  Just be sure to put aside some money for your fedora and overcoat, Mr. Tracy.

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Last Update: February 8, 2012

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