Just the other month we talked about a new watch (at least, once that was new to us) that reminded us of the Xetum watches of a few years ago. Well, since we wrote that article, we were able to get a loaner in to spend some time with the Bolido Halo in red.

When you’re considering a watch like the Bolido Halo, you’ve a choice to make. For starters, you’ve got a rather unique case shape that stands out. So, the question is – do you try to minimize that by going with a less-bold dial (all white or all black), or do you do as we’ve done here, and turn the dial up to 11 with a bold splash of color on the dial and contrast stitching? For me, I think that it was time to explore some color, and embrace and accentuate the boldness of the design.

In my prior article I was concerned about the legibility of the handset against the dial. Sure, with the Bolido Halo, you’ve got the bright ring (in red, as we have here, or in yellow). But where the hands rotate is completely in the central black circle – so you’ve got black-on-black. From the photos, this looked tricky, but in person, this is not the case. While I would not call the hands glossy, they have a bit more sheen than the dial, so they stand out in that regard. Also, the luminous insets on the hands are much more differentiated than it seemed in the stock photos, so my concerns on that point are definitely allayed.

With a unique case shape, the next concern one might have with the Bolido Halo is how it actually fits to the wrist. I found that, even with the small “exhibition” bubble on the back, it actually fit quite well. To get to that, I did need to have the strap a notch (or, actually, a 1/2 notch) tighter than I would have initially preferred. This is due to physics. If the strap is looser, you may find – as I did – that the unbalanced weight of the case (due to it’s angle) will have it rotating on your wrist. Oh, and you may be wearing it tighter as well if you have a larger wrist. On my 7.25” wrist, the stock strap had three holes left, and just barely engaged the floating keeper. Larger wrists, you may need a dfifferent strap option.

In terms of wearing the Bolido Halo, it got it’s job done quite well. The angled design of the case does “present” the watch face with a bit less of a twist required, so you’re able to read the time quickly. The date is hiding in there, down at 6 o’clock, for when you actually need to know the date. For me, I simply enjoyed having that pop of color coming out from under the shirt cuff throughout the day. In my book, the matte finishes and pops of color on the Bolido Halo make it a solid casual watch, great for the office and weekends.

Powering the Bolido Halo is an STP 1.11 that – in my limited time with it – kept things working and running on time. To adjust the date or time, or manually wind the automatic movement, you’ll be working with the crown up at 12 o’clock. This is beefy, and the large crown tube it’s set into is basically a cylindrical crown protector. Pulling the crown out is a trick, at first. If you’re not observant (and I was not) you will miss the large notch cut out on the back side of the tube, which gives your fingernail a place to purchase. If you try grasping it from the sides, it simply won’t work. Once you find the notch, life is much simpler, and working with the movement is just as you would expect.

All in all, my time with the Bolido Halo was an interesting one. I enjoyed the styling of the watch and it’s case, and it was definitely something that’s one of the more unique pieces to cross my desk this year. And, at an asking price of $695, it’s not one that would break the bank by any stretch of the imagination. Then again, when you’re in the, say, $500 – $750 range, there is a lot of competition for your hard-earned dollars. If you want something unique, with a case shape you won’t find anywhere else, then the Bolido collection should be among your first stops. bolido.rocks

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Bolido Halo Red
  • Price: $695
  • Who’s it for? You’re craving something simply different. And not just different, but boldly designed.
  • Would I wear it? While it was a fun change of pace, and the tapers help the case be more compact, it just felt taller (at the upper half) than I simply prefer to wear regularly. So, the answer to this question is a (qualified) no.
  • What I’d change: The strap could use some attention – a bit more length, and perhaps adjusting where the tang holes are.
  • The best thing about it: Case aside (as that’s the obvious choice) I really appreciated and enjoyed how the brand worked color into the design.

Tech Specs from Bolido

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