pict1569.JPGA big to do about Steinhart over at WuS today. Steinhart sells “homages,” watches that look strikingly similar to well known brands but have enough subtle differences to stand as their own brand. I can support their efforts, but I’m kind of tired of the homages to Rolex and Panerai I see. I think there are plenty of odd, little houses out there that deserve our cash rather than some junk dealers who traffic in Chinese-made crap. Sorry. Ranting.

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ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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  1. I think you’re being harsh on Steinhart. They make a great watch for the price rivaling many that I’ve seen. I’ve owned probably 100 or more watches of all kinds ranging from Rolex to Breitling to Rado to Seiko..and I’ve been completely satisfied with the Steinhart brand especially ESPECIALLY their customer service. Never have I been taken care of so well. You’ll find over an over again a similar story. Also what would you have people do that can’t afford 5K, 10K for a Rolex (which BTW have ALWAYS been nothing but trouble for me from a service/wait/service point of view). Would you have them simply admire but never be able to own? I credit Steinhart for their pricing which is more for the “middle class” buyer with an “Upper Class” quality.

    Everyone has some similarities but I want to call your attention to the Militare UT, the El Captain, the Grand Marquis, the Aircraft 8. All of which are fairly unique and up until the Aircraft 8 the only similar watch was custom made. In the end Bell and Ross ripped off a custom watch maker who sold the instrument for $700 on a nato strap.



  2. Really, I’m suprised to hear this from you. I usually agree with your posts but you are way off on this one. Sure they make some homages, but check out their website as there are some originals also. But I’m sick of seeing Rolex homages. Rolex may be a great watch maker but to me it’s tainted because every nouveau riche schmuck has one.

  3. Everyone has differing opinions on products like Steinhart. I got all kinds of grief for my review of and Alpha GMT as well. https://www.wristwatchreview.com/2006/08/09/review-alpha-gmt-diver/

    I come at it like this – if I’m a new collector, I want to start out with some nice classic pieces and move into more expensive pieces. They hold their resale value and looks for years. Even the other little guys, like Scorpion, that I champion are trying something new and different. Alpha and Steinhart feel false to me, as a collector.

  4. There are companys such as Steinhart & Invicta that produce excellent watches for the money. As a wildlife photographer and hiker who treats his watches pretty harshly..My criteria for a watch is : It has to be a Swiss Auto or Quartz , It must have a saphire crystal and would like a depth of at least 200m…Oh it must look good too….

  5. Hey John,

    I have an Ocean 1 and can at least say its not a “cheap chinese” watch, I opened the back and sure enough a real ETA 2824-2 movement was there.

    It is made and produced in Switzerland.

    It looks great and feels great and because of the excellent movement for the price it runs great.

    With the screwed in links even a rookie like me could easily make adjustments.

    I will agree with you Alpha is a cheap watch, but Steinhart isn’t cheap just affordable.

    When I ordered I got feedback three time updating the mail progress and a VP and the CEO emailed me after I got the watch and gave a brief review.

    I have a Bulova Millenia Vibra Alarm which was a similar price with a quartz movement and it’s nice but just not the “timepiece” the Steinhart is.

    I love your site and reviews are great, but I think you missed the mark on the Steinhart brand.

    Thank you.

  6. No he did not miss the mark. Steinhart is Chinese p.o.s. ripping off classic designs for cheap beggars.

  7. Actually Steinhart is NOT Chinese, Steinhausen is Chinese. Notice the difference in company. Steinhart makes Swiss watches, purchased by Revue Thommen. Steinhausen sells in Delta Sky Mall Magazine and they make $100 cheap crap. Please get your fact straight.

  8. I adore the Steinhart watches and the family behind them is second to none!

    Great product and wonderful caompany.

  9. Having spotted Steinhart’s Ocean 1 in Black – I could say that; yes it is a tad dirivative of the Rolex (!) but as a designer myself, there are diffrerences in form that do make it slightly its own. Hey we all love the initial design anyway, and it has a ‘work-horse’ movement – nothing wrong with that – AND fantastic value for money. A name has to start somewhere in this cut-throat world… I think its a little gem and they will grow. If it works, is built right, and stands the test of ‘time’ – then what is wrong with it??

  10. Ps I own an Omega Seamaster – that’s my price limit – the Rolex sea dweller or submariner are too pricey, and yes I have also heard of poor service etc, I also agree with the image of the Rolex having been cheapened regarding it social position – I don’t think it means the same thing anylonger (if that’s your concern) – Steinhart has no such problem (yet) but its a ‘GOOD WATCH’.

  11. It just goes to show how little you know about wathes… I have over 300K in my collection and Steinhart is as fine as any of them… regardless of price.


  12. well, that’s as maybe. Personally I also think the Steinhart is a great watch, which is actually what I was saying.
    I may or may not know much about watches, but unlike you its seems; I know enough to be able to actually spell the word? 🙂

  13. I just sold my Steinhart GMT. I must say they look good and the price was right. But, you get what you pay for. I have been a loyal Breitling owner I’m not going to stray with cheap upstarts like the Steinhart again. Looks aren’t everything. I think the Steinhart is a POS…..You can polish a turd, but it will still be a turd…..

  14. I own a Steinhart Ocean 1, and can tell you that it is a quality time piece that rivals the Omega, Tag’s, and Brietlings that I have owned. Don’t quite understand why there is so much hatred towards this brand. Great product, excellent customer service. This watch is SWISS MADE for all of you idiots out there who cant even do a little research before making stupid posts . . .

  15. In response to Brian. I owned one, so yes I know it is swiss made (Revue Thomenn). But all swiss made watchs are not the same. You pay for what you get. I had nothing but problems with my Steinhart POS. The damn thing would just stop running. No matter what I did and yes I sent it back to them to repair. I have owned Rolex, Omega and currently own 2 Brietlings. I have never had one problem with any of the big name makers. For those who can’t afford the real deal, the Steinhart maybe the way to go. I think you can find some better swiss made watches better than the Steinhart. Yes, I’m a hater,I had one and I hated it. WHAT A POS………….

  16. Fake watches with a different “brand” name on the dial copying established designs. Customers having to deal with returns of watches that arrive with problems until the vendor gets it right, because there is no quality control. Lies and deceit. Shilling and made up positive feedback by the very same people that are selling these watches. Yet, flocks of wannabee’s fall for this scam and send them their hard earned money to wear a Rolex,IWC or B&R copy for less. And they still rave about “customer service”? I don’t get it. That emperor has no clothes!!!

  17. I would like to pick a few points from such lengthy replies, admittedly, I have not read them all and I may repeat some replies. First point – the watches are made in China with Swiss movement and assembled, most probably, in Switzerland (hence they can be called Swiss made). This way of conducting business is carried out by many brands but at least Steinhart does not rip off customers like Ball watches, for example. Grovana have supplied a number of their models to Steinhart under the Steinhart name. As one design is a copy of a Bell & Ross model, Grovana tried it first with Steinhart in USA before launching it (in case of B&R suing them). The Steinhart Mach 1 – is absolutely great value for money. Which other make can offer a Swiss movement (Dubois Dépraz 2020 – = ETA 2894 – Chronograph Tricompax = ETA 2892 base movement + ETA Tricompax chronograph module) automatic chronograph for below 625 Euros? Sapphire crystal and water resistant. Latest models on line are moving away from Grovana design (and probably Grovana very poor quality standards). I know Steinhart USA had to change name and this may reflect some new policies. I reckon Steinhart is one of the very few brands where value for money really means something.

  18. Reply to Michael. You are right not all Swiss watches are the same and you only pay for what you get – but in the case of Rolex, Breitling and Omega – you are mainly paying for their marketing. In the last few years some of the policies regarding movements have changed but you will find that most of the famous brands have been using the same movements. Nothing much has changed – they just gave the movements a different name. Tag-Heuer paid Tiger Woods $20 millions to sponsor their product, guess who is paying for it? All the Rolex I had, NOT ONE , kept the right time – either too slow or too fast. Of course, one can find on the Internet ways to rest the watch at night if too slow or too fast (which I think is a joke as other makes do NOT have this sort of problem). A basic Omega is some 5 times more expensive than the Steinhart diver and I have had numerous problems with Breitling quality on crown, pushers and even the quartz Myiota movement used in early watches selling for £900. At least Steinhart does not rip off his customers.

  19. I first wrote a very lengthy review. But decided to sum this up to a few points:
    I OWN ROLEX/OMEGA/VC/JL- SO i know what i am basing this off of.

    I hate companies which copy other brands… that being said other than Steinharts ripoffs.
    There is EXTREME VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY in Steinhart.

    If there is anyone out there who wants to spend less than 500(maybe 600-700USD Funny money)and get a top quality watch. I would suggest Steinhart. Not only is it an inexpensive quality watch, to get this thing serviced costs next to nothing ( i can do it myself )

    And the customer service is better then any brand i have ever dealt with. not only did i get 2 different crowns i got 2 straps, and a swan neck regulator(an extra they had, i shall put it on myself and finish the movement up a little better)

    more to say after i crack it open and start finishing this bad boy off abit.

  20. Steinhart / Debaufre or whatever they are called now are complete design ripoffs from successful watches like Rolex, IWC, Bell & Ross etc. etc.

    They try to portray themselves as a company with history (just read their site and their exaggeration’s), in my book that is dishonest to the point of suspicious as to what their agenda really is.

    Their quality sucks, there is no QC. And you call that value? Buy a Seiko or Citizen for less and you’ll get real value!

    And customer service? Just because they send you replacement parts and replacement watches or discounts all the time to make up for the junk they sold and shipped to you originally doesn’t make their service all that great. In my book, they should have checked to see if everything is perfect BEFORE they sent it out. What I see is that almost everyone of their customers has to deal with some issue or another. Well, you get what you pay for!

    So why would you keep throwing your good money at a company like that? For the privilege of owning a knockoff at what seems to be a low price?

    I wonder what that says about their customers and those that feel the need to shill this junk…

  21. Totally agree with Paul. Steinhart is way overrated and overhyped. They are nothing but cheap knockoffs. Never again.

  22. This guy knows less about watches than Bush knows about politics! What an idiot!


  23. Debaufre offers a terrific watch for a terrific price. Their customer service is second to none. Any problem is addressed quickly and completely.

  24. Any money says that most of the people trashing Steinhart/Debaufre haven’t owned one or even read about them. Grow up.

    My only Steinhart is an Aircraft 8, and I love it. Incredible quality, gorgeous fit and finish, excellent price. It is not a BR01 ripoff any more than the Invicta Cordubas are (of which I own three). It’s another interpretation of the square-watch phenomenon, that’s it. I have a problem with blatant knock-offs or obvious fakes, but no problem with other companies’ own interpretations of a classic style.

    I frequent most of the common message boards, and have yet to run into a dissatisfied customer of Steinhart/Debaufre. Regardless of the anal-retentive analysis of “well, it’s Swiss parts, made in China, assembled in Switzerland, shipped by an Antarctic Company to an American consumer over International Waters, blah blah blah” the bottom line is that they make great watches, with great parts, for a great price. I knew precisely what I was getting when I bought it, and have never been happier.

    For the record, I have about 80k invested in my collection.

  25. I own a Steinhart Ocean 1 and a Mach 1 as well as a Rolex, Omega, and various other high quality swiss made watches. The quality of the Steinhart brand is equal to any of the Rolex or Omega products. They are not chinese made. That is a lie. The presentation boxes that they come with are superb, unlike the cheap boxes of Rolex and Omega. I have owned both Steinharts for two years now and they keep great time. It is a shame that there is so much negative urban legend associated with this brand. If you own a Steinhart you realize they are not “Knockoffs,” but rather are distinct in their own right. We should not be degrading this brand but rather championing a company that is succeeding in bringing quality and value for reasonable money to the public. I do not know about the rest of you, but the name does not mean so much to me as the actual product. Steinhart or Debaufre, who cares? Its still a great little company with great products. Best of all they keep coming out with more uniques designs as time goes on.

  26. Wow, reading some of your posts reminds me of reading a video game forum. Stupid, irrational, and plain ignorant assessments made left and right. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, please provide some substance other than stupid childish comments, some of you come off as complete idiots.

  27. Have ordered the nav b limited from debaufre a few weeks ago. looking forward to seeing it. just found this site,mmmm?. anyway for the cash what the hell. it looks good it the pics.

  28. After reading this long thread…I would like to say something:

    1.) I don’t see the point of all these arguing, every single product will have buyers with difference experiences and views. So one can never say their are complete right or wrong. The point is, do you like your watch? If you like, who cares if others say is a piece of junk?
    2.) I understand about the Steinhart quality and prices…though some claim Swiss made some claims Chinese made. But after considering the price level, I would say it is likely that the watch’s parts are purchased in China and assembled in Swiss, or finished in Swiss. Otherwise I cannot justify how they can produce such an affordable watch if they produce all the parts or purchase all the parts in Swiss? Many companies are doing it, so I won’t be surprised if this is the case. It does not really matter where it is purchased from, but the brand must be honest, I think. Like Apple, it clearly says on its products: “designed in USA and produced in CHINA”. I think the buyer has a right to know.
    3.) The Steinhart watches are a bit of a stealer in designs. It is so obvious to tell which brand their watches are trying to copy and therefore, they are ripping other designs off. Like how the Chinese auto makers are making cars similar to the BMW or Benz. It is an insult to the original design brands and I think these type of business practice should not be encouraged.

  29. It is truly funny to see how many people KNOW ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING when it comes to these comments. Try buying AT LEAST a comprehensive watch collector’s guide, especially those who claim to be collectors. Take a gander at any number of dive watches made in the fifties and you will know FOR A FACT that a number of companies made Rolex stye submariners before Rolex even did!!!!. So don’t knock Gravano for knocking of a knock off. The comments are really funny. As far a quality goes, well Tudor sub-mariners used to use the same ETA movements in the Ocean 1. Yes my submariner is to me a “better” watch, but it is also one I don’t consider a “collectible” or a “good investment” there are plenty other from inxepensive up that fit the bill better.

    Rolex was not always the luxary brand that many people see it as today (just a fine watch company) and many people today do not see it as a luxury brand. Buy a Patek Phillpe if you want to go there. But it’s not an “investment” either.

    My 62 Omega Seamaster had a better band than my 72 GMY master (solid stainless vs fold links) My Stienhart has a better buckle and endpieces than my 1988 Submariner. When I bought the sub twent years ago, it was the first watch I purchased that I did not think of as “collectible” and while it is worth more today twenty years of interest, would easily turn up a value that is much higher than it’s present one.

    The difference between the Rolex and Gravona/Steinhart/Debaufre is that I am not afraid to go sailing in one, compared to my Rolex. My cousin lot a Rolex while sailing and frankly I just don’t have that kind of money.

  30. It is truly amazing to read some of these so called educated comments regarding Steinhart/Debaufre. I myself own an ocean classic and to say the least it is a real fine watch and it is swiss made. It is truly in the same class as a Rolex or any other fine swiss made watch today, and cheaper as well. I am glad that I was smart enough to purchase a great watch for much cheaper than some of you mindless assholes spent.

    Tereciera,Azores, Portugal

  31. I stumbled on this website about 4 hours after I received Nav-B Steinhart/Debaufre watch. I bought it because they were having a significant sale of the NavB’s. For the money, I know it’s not a collector’s watch, it’s an everyday wear watch that looks nice, feels substantial and the fit and finish are both pretty impressive for the price. I know it’s not a Rolex or Breitling but then again those two brands are not Vacheron or Patek. They all have appeal and it’s just what you can afford or like. Give people a chance to get into collecting and don’t make them try to reach for mid and top tier at the beginning. It’s just a nice inexpensive watch made with some decent quality parts. I hope I don’t run into the quality problems the folks hating the brand are pointing out but if I do, I’ll either have it serviced or just dump the watch because it doesn’t cost 20K like my A. Lange and Sohne did.

  32. The claims that Steinhart (Europe) / Debaufre (USA) are made in China are absolutely false. The movements inside are real . . . very real . . . Swiss Made ETA 2824 family and 2892A2 family movements . . . made in Switzerland. If they were Chinese “clones” they wouldn’t beat at 4Hz (28.8k bph), they’d beat at 3Hz (21.6k bph). Furthermore, the feel when hand-winding a real ETA versus the Chinese copies is very different.

    I’ve personally seen and handled a number of Steinhart/Debaufre watches. They’re well made with very fine finishing work, and the dials and hands are impeccable. I’ve done the same with Omega, Rolex and Breitling. Their cases, dials, and hands are impeccable out of the box . . . but wait . . . there’s a movement inside under all that. While you do get a little more for you money with most luxury and prestige brands, the majority of their price is for whatever precious metals and gems are used on the case and dial (Bling, Bling, Bling), an ostentatious hood ornament on the dial, and a ridiculous “Chronometer” certification.

    Check out when COSC certification is done: bare movement, no dial, no hands, no case, no complications, and no auto-wind train. All the remaining assembly and handling to create a complete watch is done **after** COSC and to claim it’s a **real** chronometer would require, adjusting, regulating and re-certification as a complete watch. Rolex in particular is not the “be all, end all” of timepiece quality. Dig into the movements under their hoods. They’re not flawless designs.

    It seems there are a lot of snobbish prestige and luxury brand owners who make a quest of bashing real Swiss Made mid-range brands . . . their hatred for them rooted perhaps in the fact that one can get a fine quality, very real Swiss Made watch for under $500, including some that have the same movement inside that’s the base used for nearly all non-chronograph Omegas . . . and that somehow it devalues the neighborhood and diminishes the exclusivity of the wealth they can display by brandishing their Rolex Sub, Omega SMP or Panerai. Other than the bulk of their chronographs, Omega’s movements are made from the ETA 2892A2. The Steinhart/Debaufre GMTs use 2893 movements. The 2893 is a 2892A2 with ETA’s 24-hour GMT module added.

    Rolex used to be a great watch brand . . . 50 years ago. Rolex as a brand is now the darling of the nouveau riche, drug lords and pimps, who want to flaunt wealth in everyone’s face. To people with wealth that also have some “class” it’s rude, gauche behavior. It’s why they shun all but the most understated (and least expensive) Rolex. I don’t need to spend thousands to buy something just as good as a Rolex by omitting the hood ornament; it only requires about 1/10th the price of a Rolex.

    My first thought when I see someone wearing Swiss Made brand that sells for less than $750: Real Swiss Made watch; no question. My first thought when I see someone wearing a Rolex Submariner, Omega SMP or Speedmaster, Breitling Navitimer, or Panerai: Is it real or is it a Chinese fake? That’s because the overwhelming majority of them are fakes.

  33. Paul D I hope you no more about other things. Because your writings reflect a person that knows JACK SHIT about watches. Do you know anything

  34. I own to Steinhart’s, A NAV B UHR LE and a Triton Diver.
    I am completely happy with both watches. I damaged the Triton bezel badly and sent the watch back to Steinhart
    for a new bezel. The owner Gunter Steinhart, replaced the bezel and sent it back to me by FEDEX at no charge.
    Try that with Rolex or Omega and I own both.


  35. For those of you who have stumbled on this site in the course of due diligence and are thinking of buying a Steinhart and have gotten this far down the page to read this comment: take WingNut at his/her word. S/he posts frequently on WuS (watchuseek.com, great site, full of very knowledgeable, friendly folks)and knows what s/he’s talking about. In fact, it was reading the threads at that site that prompted me to purchase a Nav B-Uhr from Steinhart.

    If you are interested in purchasing a timepiece and/or are interested in horology in general that site is the place to start.

    If you are interested in purchasing a quality timepiece at a reasonable price (i.e. 500-900US$ range) Steinhart is a fine choice. The following WuS review (http://forums.watchuseek.com/showthread.php?t=87254) is a thorough testimony as to the standard of craftsmanship put into these timepieces.

    You should also check out Bill Yao’s watches at http://www.mkiiwatches.com. You can have a custom watch built by him starting at 630US$.

    On the other hand, if you are a label-whore looking to display your new found wealth, go to your local jeweler and buy a Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Bell & Ross, IWC, Panerai…etc. Your friends, colleagues and the social-climbing pump-and-dump at the end of the bar will undoubtedly be most impressed, AND you will have the added value of garnering the authority to post snarky comments on sites such as this in accordance with your attitude towards life in general. Better yet, buy a Chinese knock-off and put your 10-20K into a real investment that actually generates a return on principle!

    Indecently, if you happen to fall in the latter category remember this: the truly wealthy don’t piss their money away on watches (or cars, or houses, or…etc.) trying to impress others (I’m talking to YOU mister leveraged through the nose), they don’t have to. They live simply and buy high quality goods at a reasonable price that will last generations, IN CASH.

    Class dismissed.

  36. @NOEMA

    I am a bit confused about the Steinhart / Debaufre company(s). Is the Steinhart company at http://www.steinhartwatches.de the same company as the Debaufre company at http://www.debaufre.com/?

    On the Debaufre site, they explain a lawsuit as the reason for changing their name, but the Steinhart site omits that.

    The Steinhart site says the name of their president is Günther Steinhart. Hardly sounds like the name picked was a “scam.” He named the company after himself.

    Can anybody help me with this? Are these two really the same company?

  37. Anonymous :@NOEMA
    I am a bit confused about the Steinhart / Debaufre company(s). Is the Steinhart company at http://www.steinhartwatches.de the same company as the Debaufre company at http://www.debaufre.com/?
    On the Debaufre site, they explain a lawsuit as the reason for changing their name, but the Steinhart site omits that.
    The Steinhart site says the name of their president is Günther Steinhart. Hardly sounds like the name picked was a “scam.” He named the company after himself.
    Can anybody help me with this? Are these two really the same company?

    The entity in the US now known as Debaufre was a distributor for Steinhart and operated under the Steinhart name, when the relationship dissolved Steinhart retained their naming rights and the US company became known as Debaufre.

    Both companies sell rebadged models made by Grovana/Revue Thommen but each (more Steinhart than Debaufre currently) also sell exclusive designs not available from the other.

  38. Both are still making excellent watches. It seems Steinhart has a little more depth. I”d buy with confidence from either.

  39. Just got my Steinhart Triton the other day and I am very impressed. Although i cannot afford a prestige brand I have many watches in the $500-$1000 range. I have a love for all movements quartz and automatic/mechanical. The Steinhart has quickly become one of my favorite timepieces. I find the dial to be gorgeous and perfect to read underwater. The design is simple and straightfoward. No need to overshadow the movement which is the star of the show.

    My Triton has not lost more than a second and its been over a week. The movement sounds powerfull yet is smooth durable. The hands line up perfectly with the hour and minute markers, everything is as it should be no corners cut. Heavy and big with a presence on the wrist. Nothing to complain about at all. If there is anything bad i could say about this watch is that they didn’t have the stainless steel braclet for it. Steinhart said he would e-mail me when they get them in stock late January. I would bet my watch collection he will do just that.

    If you put the Rolex logo on this watch it would sell for over $2,000 easy making it more of a collectable than a dive watch. For the money you cannot do any better. You can have your overpriced brand names and i’ll take my underrated quality bargain timepieces. I paid $575 for my Triton and would have paid another $300 for it but am glad i didn’t have to. I know my watch will last virtually for my lifetime and i will be very surpised If i ever have to send it in for serious repairs.
    I was saving up to go buy an Omega I had saved up along time for. I went to an authorized retailer because I didn’t want to buy that expensive of a watch online. The saleswoman kept pressuring me to overpay $500 dollars for the watch. I knew what the going rate for it was and would have paid full msrp price she insisted on but she kept on about how it was an investment and I could hand it down to my kids. I walked out with no Omega but am glad because I bought my Steinhart, a G-shock frogman, and a Seiko orange monster. Buying from Steinhart was easy. I eamiled the site for a quote and got a quick response. I did my research and made choice with no hassle. Lovin Steinhart and plan to buy more as soon as I can afford it.

    By the way the Omega was a Speedmaster moonphase that I wanted for $3500. The saleswoman insisted I pay $4200. I still fell upset because i wanted that Speedmaster but kept thinking i could do better than full price.

  40. The Steinhart is aimed at the person who appreciates substance over style. Yes, we could all spend 1000% more on a watch that doesn’t outperform it, is weaker than it and carries a price tag bloated by ridiculous salaries of advertising agencies.

    But why bother? I’m after a Swiss watch that will outlast me, not a logo that brands me with whatever stigma some advert agency has dreamed up.

    Substance over style, if Fleming had been writing On Her Majesties Secret Service, today the watch would have been a Steinhart Ocean One.

  41. I am amazed by this whole thread. I stumbled upon something I consistently see on “lower end” brand sites. This would be the “I have 80K” in watches, or whatever fake number mentioned. I gaurantee that you don’t. What, the JLC Master Compressor got you bored, or the new Alinghi Chrono too “flashy” so you need an IWC Pilot’s rip off? WTF?
    As well, the I have a Rolex, or an Omega comments are also bullshit. I call your bluff. Not able to recall the model? But it really is moot.
    To say that someone who likes Steinhart has some kind of taste for substance over style, or is better able to source quality than someone who either has the disposable cash to buy more expensive, or who even works hard and saves to do so, is retarded. Value is everywhere. Seiko Ananta, many Rolexes, Tudor, Omega.. blah blah blah. All of the watches in the world that are mass produced really are worth close to nothing. The 10K watch is most likely worth just under 1k. Mark-ups are huge! That being said, a Steiny (let’s call it that for fun, k?) is probably only worth the cost of its’ movement. IT IS Chinese, IT HAS Swiss parts, but do you really think that somewhere in Geneva, deep in a little master-watchmakers studio, old Great-Grandpa-Steiny is working away with Pinocchio on a rotating tourbillon for the next Steiny? They could put it in a Kobold case, with IWC hands, B&R bracelet, rolex triplock crown, and call it the Master-Oceaneer-Naval-nauticfishtimer-Wings-Mountaineer, and it would still sell. Holy shit it is amazing that people get so passionate over a fucking watch, especially something with NO history. Hell, the people at paneristi.com are “brothers” because they own the same watch, which is FUCKING RETARDED, but this shit is priceless. I am laughing myslef so hard I might shit my pants! I love Steinhart! I love Meow-mix! I love Chowdah! I love watches because they make me feel special, and I can avoid spending time on things that matter!

  42. Oh yeah, and sorry for the spelling mistakes. I have actually spent 55K on my education so far! I wish I could have spent a bit less on a “Steiny-Degree”! A Nav-B-Masters, or Triton of Medicine!
    LOL. 😛 Seriously though, I get a real kick out of how people react to watches- all watches- and especially those which are rip offs. And lets face it, the Steiny’s Heiny is about as real as Pam Andersons tits! Plastic fantastic baby! Onward the soldier and upward the sausage!
    I think I might buy a 47mm Pilot though! Ha! Fuck y’all! And myself for writing this!

  43. BTW, am I a drug lord or pimp for owning a 16610LV? I wish I had some non-stop Bolivian marching powder, but I don’t. My drug dealing friends wear much less “flashy” watches. I would think that a nice Chanel J12 would suit the dope men and women of the world. Or a gawdy breitling. No, they would never wear a Steiny! That would be a sin, a wrong choice. I should write here more often.

  44. Wow Dr. A you speaketh the truth man! Hallelujah the man knows his shit.
    Listen bud, I bet you are one of them! You are a Swiss toting, cash spending, dope man coming to get the Steinees (a lost people from Mars) and we all need to wear tinfoil hats and condoms on our hands to ward you off! You’ve realized that the Steinees can fuel your ship with Stein-juice and that is the only way to get back to the evil nation of Triton in the sixty-niner galaxy! But we will prevail. We can all hold out our Steins, up to the air, and by the Power of STEINLAND we have the STEINER!! C’mon everyone say it! We shall overcome the Swisseez and the others. You shall be reduced to the cheap Miyota movement that powers your inner escapement, and feeds your nothingness. You have no STEINY within!

  45. My Nav-B LE 55 pieces has now gained 6 seconds since I bought it in 2008. Ok, it loses time VERY slowly and gains VERY slowly when placed face up, but 6 seconds gained since bought!! Must be poor Chinese quality.

  46. Steinhart looks better and IS as good or better quality than any rolex, omega or panerai. Love Steinhart history, what a noble watch for the upper class succesfull people. Steinhart Ocean for me for EVER! I’m Steinhartisti 110%.

  47. Wow, so much arrogance and also wrong facts here. This is a fight not worth fighting.

  48. @steinhartisti
    I’ll agree with you there, Steinhart is an awsome watch! from what I have researched on them you cant beat their value. When it comes to Rolex or Panerai your just paying for a name. The Ocean 1 is a beautiful watch, the 2824-2 movement calibrated correctly will keep better time than a Rolex. The Steinhart Ocean 1 is my next purchase, You cant beat it!

  49. Steinhart does make good watches and they are Swiss, the problem I may have with Steinhart is that they copy bigger brands’ look … they really dont have their own personality or uniqueness – which to me really cheapens them

    as far as the movement, if you really know what you’re talking about then there is no comparison between Steinhart and the high end brands (Patek, Vacheron, Lange and Sohne, Rolex, Piaget, etc) they are a world apart

    people who knows watches will never say Steinhart would compare to any of them

    but as many people said, they are good for their value, and they are good looking watches (because they copied other brands)

    it’s like wanting a Harley Davidson and not being able to afford one so you get a Darley Havidson – still made in America and it looks like a real Harley, just with less expensive parts … and not a real Harley

  50. I’m a watch maker and Steinhart is better made then all of those watches mentioned and they keep better time than those others as well. They are a great value as many have stated, you can buy a Steinhart for $450 or $500 and get a great time piece or spend 4x that on Rolex and waste your money…you’re just paying for the name!!

  51. Well,
    I have seen the light. I want a triton 100atm. They look great. I still think they are probably questionable, Chinese garbage, but for the price point I can lose a few bucks. I will join the nation of steins, and salute the steinographical red vintager steina-lots, and steinee my way to steinland!
    Heil Steiner!
    boo yah bitches and cheers to yellow gold and fake diamonds

  52. To my knowledge there isn’t any chinese in this watch. It’s all Swiss Made. Do they copy? Yes. I own a Harley Davidson but if I could find a bike that looks, tastes and feels like a Harley for a lot less I would buy it. The problem is it’s very hard to find that. Props to Steinhart and Debaufre.

  53. Some of you guys are so ignorant and narrow minded. Steinhart are German and Swiss. Their movements are Swiss, assembled by German/Swiss watchmakers and use Swiss grade materials.

    Granted, some components may be China manufactured (name one thing that isn’t these days) but the flaw is in the QC, not the manufacturing process. You’d be surprised at how many “luxury” brands use China-made components. They don’t develop “homage” or replica
    watches without legitimate funding (and tooling) for official watches, you know.

  54. I think very little was known about Steinhart a few years back, so there is a lot of hate about the quality. Today, it has quickly become highly respected and popular among watch collectors. I’ve seen pics with Rollies next to the Ocean-1, so clearly, the owner doesn’t think Steinhart/Debaufre is a POS. There was a post on WUS which linked a German forum site that showed pics behind the scenes at Steinhart and you can see watch casings, dials, unassembled movements, so the whole Chinese theory can be put to rest. I think any comment after mine will be positive, because all the ignorant people found the truth in Steinharts quality over the years. And what the guy said on the previous page towards the bottom about +6 secs after 2 years; he’s being sarcastic. 6+ secs meets the COSC requirements, and that means that POS is freakin’ accurate.

  55. Buy one and be impressed. I have Omega,Breitling and so on, bought a superocean (real)and it broke after one week! Steinhart is good quality and good price which is rare nowdays.

  56. I own a steinhart as well as a Fortis b42 cosmonaut and a Tissot Visodate and i do love the quality of the steinhart. Really are we discussing homage watches? I think they have their own little twist on them. All of the big brands make the same principle watches. diver, flyer, sport square round, etc. Really. Checkout of all the big brands and compare. How many different designs can you get, right? I used to own a fake rolex watch but not anymore. steinhart is a very good brand with a high quality standard. I don’t think big brands have to suffer from cheap imitation (I mean honestly if you can afford a real rolex would you buy a fake?… don’t think so) But when you can buy a midlevel not too expensive watch with all the quality marks from a high end brand AND own an original. You guesses it right. Go steinhart!

  57. I have a breitling chronomat with diamond bezel,I’m not a pilot i time parking meters with it when i hang in south philly, i also have a datejust 18krt with dimond dial,and an accutron vx200chrono , but thier all to expensive to wear in the pool even though there waterproof,i wear a grovana coral reef in the ocean because the only thing worst than getting your arm bit off buy a shark is getting the one wearing the rolex bit off.chef luigi out.

  58. wow – I now feel dumber for actually reading this entire thread.
    BTW, I love my Steinhart GMT. Sold my Rolex when money got tight and bought a Steinhart.
    They both look good. They both tell me the time and date. And I know have another 4k in the bank.

  59. who cares if your tired, if you like a watch buy it.geetting all worked up over what others do,really;i can’t stand posers,i’d rather see a good watch thats similer but has its own name,i have a Breitling, a rolex and a coral reef from grovana, they all need repairs now and then,i own 40 watchesand looking back ;i only need 2 or 3 anything else is madness,get a grip.

  60. A Rolex Submariner, one of the ones for which Steinhart makes a close resemblance, is not an original design to Rolex. It is Rolex’s budget knock-off of a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (price the Fifty Fathoms if you doubt the budget part of that statement).

    A French naval officer designed that dive watch for the French Navy’s underwater warfare unit in about 1950 or so. He shopped around with his design for a company to make it for them and was universally rejected, mostly for the perception that the design was not commercially viable to make. That was until he approached Blancpain whose owner at that time was a SCUBA diver and saw potential in the design as a purpose-built tool watch for divers.

    Blancpain negotiated additional use and safety features with the French Navy and supplied them through a 3rd party which had the sole contract for such items with the French Navy. Those innovations by Blancpain for the French Navy included the uni-directional feature of the rotating bezel and using an auto-wind movement. The uni-directional feature of the bezel rotation was done to protect divers from accidentally rotating the bezel in a direction which would make their remaining dive time increase from what it actually was. The auto-wind was done so that the watch crown wouldn’t require rotation in its water seals to wind the watch. An auto-wind eliminated unnecessary seal wear and also facilitated winding the watch underwater since using the crown to do so was unnecessary.

    Also, Blancpain invented a highly effective double-seal water seal for the stem and crown since Rolex owned an already existing patent for the screw-down crown at the time and Blancpain didn’t pay the Rolex royalties for using that feature. That invention made the Fifty Fathoms waterproof at the depths SCUBA diving went to in the early 1950s.

    As for Rolex having an original overall appearance and function design with its Submariner??? Absolutely NOT!!! It is a French Navy underwater warfare design in collaboration with Blancpain from the 1950s.

    The one thing I get really tired of is the total ignorance by some people regarding so-called homages and the real history behind a particular design and its features. The French naval underwater warfare dive watch was so well thought out by the French Navy and Blancpain that its basic appearance, function, and features have survived for 65 years and still going strong.

    Take your complaint somewhere where people are ignorant enough to not know better.

  61. As James_Jim has already highlighted your stupidity.. Here’s hoping your ignorant comments remain on the internet till the end of time. That way you can have another read before sharing any more of your pearls of wisdom.

  62. What a terrible write up on a fully made Swiss watch, Steinhart have a first class product and sell out every month! I own Rolex sub which I keep for best and have 2 Steinharts GMT and Ocean one and they have never missed a beat such great value pieces.

  63. “junk dealers who traffic in Chinese-made crap”
    Yeah, except Steinhart is a German company making “Swiss Made” watches. Rant is good, but maybe keep it at least moderately consistent?

  64. “some junk dealers who traffic in Chinese-made crap”. Steinhart watches are Swiss made and use higher-end Swiss ETA movements. I service watches, and the few steinhart watches I’ve seen have been the same or better quality than many Rolex models. This “rant” was from an uninformed fool.

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