Another day, another classic-looking Kickstarter watch that tickles a few of the pleasure spots in this jaded old man’s heart. This time its the Straton Syncro, a racing-inspired watch that is being sold with a matching duffel bag.

As the old wedding adage goes “You’re not just buying a watch. You’re gaining luggage!”

The watch is a standard chrono with some handsome 60s and 70s styling and a choice of a NE88 Automatic movement or VK64 meca-quartz. The automatic costs $719 for early birds and it comes on a leather racing strap, nylon NATO, or a metal mesh.

They plan on shipping in August. Want a fancy duffel to match your strap? Add in $100 and you’ve got a deal.

Why do I like this so much? I like the styling and the massive lugs and the fact that they created an automatic version alongside the traditional quartz model. It looks like something like Hunter S. Thompson would wear in the desert and the matching duffel makes it even more interesting.

The company beat its $14K goal and is ready to ride, duffel in hand.

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