Meet Montfort. What make them stand out over the others? 3D printing! Sure there are a lot of watches now made with 3D printed parts but these are dials 3D printed in metal. How? I will get to that, but first a little about the company.

Montfort Watches was created by entrepreneur Philippe Kuratle and Swiss watch designer Jeremie Senggen. After working together for 12 months and thousands of hours of R&D, design, and testing, the duo they came up with a 3D printed metal dial that will be housed in a special hardened stainless steel case.

So how do they 3D print in metal? The design is taken from a 3D cad program and them layers of metal powder and a bonding agent is used for each layer until the desired design is achieved. The printed dial starts out 40% larger because of the bonding agent. These dials are then placed in an oven to allow the metal powder to fuse. This shrinks the dial to its desired size. Pretty cool.

Along with making this 3D printed metal dial Montfort is encasing this this a Super Stainless Steel case made of gaseous carbo-nitriding technology that makes the stainless steel very hard and scratch resistant. These watches will be powered by Swiss movements and will be Swiss made. Prices will be from $1300 to $1900. You can check them out and learn more on Kickstarter.


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