Create a custom Revolo watch

May 25, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

If you are the sort who likes to obsess about the details of your watch, a recent Kickstarter launch is likely going to be of interest to you. We have seen plenty of projects that offer you some choices when it comes to things like dial colors or case finishes, but this is the first time that I have seen a project go with a fully customizable watch as the reward. Let’s have a look at what Revolo is offering in exchange for your contribution.

Introducing Evarii Watch

February 18, 2015 . by Patrick Kansa

Normally when I have an article title starting of with “Introducing”, we are bringing you news of a brand new model, or perhaps a hands-on of a piece that was just introduced. Today is more of the news sort, with it serving as an introduction to a new brand their watches.

A Very Impressive DIY Watch

October 9, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  We’ve brought you word of a handful of different watches you can build yourself with some basic electronics and soldering skills. Over at HackADay, they recently featured a watch that is certainly one of the nicest “roll your own” digital watches I’ve seen. Most of these DIY affairs are fairly bulky, as they’re being…

Want A Discount On A Custom Watch?

June 26, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

If you recall, last summer I brought you word of place you could get a custom watch built – well, “off the shelf” parts and a custom dial, made to your liking (right here).  If that piqued your interest, read on for a discount code…

REVIEW: Fewsome Custom Watch

August 27, 2012 . by Patrick Kansa

  We’ve looked at a few different options that you have for creating a custom watch over the past months, and today we’ve got another brand to add to that roster – the Swedish brand Fewsome.