Remember back when we reviewed the G-Shock Mudmaster? In the words of Chris Farley, “yeah, that was awesome“. Well, if you liked the abilities of that watch, but fancy yourself a pilot more, well, then the new G-Shock Gravitymaster GRB200 may fire your afterburners.

In some ways, the G-Shock Gravitymaster GRB200 is quite similar to that Mudmaster that we reviewed – the resin case is infused with carbon fibers, and the bezel itself is also made from carbon fiber. Specs-wise (listed down below), they’re very much the same as well, giving you all sorts of data on your wrist, as well as the ability to ship the data over to your phone.

In my book, what differentiates the G-Shock Gravitymaster GRB200 is very much the design. We’ve got a different layout to the buttons than we’ve seen (supposedly to be similar to the control stick of a fighter jet), and you do indeed have the large triangle up at 12 o’clock, just like any good pilot watch should have.

Available in three different colors (red, blue, or black) the G-Shock Gravitymaster GRB200 is available this month for $350 from

Tech Specs from G-Shock

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Last Update: September 15, 2020

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