In yesterday’s article, I was talking about generally skimming through the Triwa catalog when looking for something interesting for warmer weather.  Well, you know who else is great for that?  Timex.  Good ol’ Timex.  Their catalog abounds with plenty of great options perfect for being almost-disposable additions to your summertime carry.  That said, this Timex Waterbury that I just ran across, well, that seems like something you could definitely have along with you for the long haul.

Now, make no mistake – the Timex Waterbury is still very much an affordable watch ($100 direct).  Many Timex models, especially simpler three-handers like this one, hover closer to $50, but the style on this one really bumps things up a notch or three.  Set into a 38mm stainless steel  case you have quite a rather sharp dial in a dark navy set off with bright orange accents.

Overall, the feel they are going for with the Timex Waterbury is something a good deal more vintage, something befitting the 160 years that Timex has been making watches.  So, understandably, you have this older, almost faded, sort of a look to the dial as a whole.  The one thing that stands out a bit (I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing) is the handset – they just seem a bit too bright against the dial.


Also bright – and thoroughly modern – would be the Indiglo built into the Timex Waterbury.  If you have not played around with Indiglo, that sort of on-demand illumination is a fun thing to play around with.  Sure, not as exciting, perhaps, as thickly-applied lume, but it gets the job done and definitely keeps the kids entertained.

There are quite a few iterations of the Timex Waterbury available, but the one I’ve posted up in this article is the one I find the most appealing (and, fittingly, it’s the newest release).  If you like the overall look of the watch, you may want to check out the other watches in the collection, as they could have something that fits with what you’re looking for.  If you pick one up, be sure to send us a wristshot as you head out and about!  timex.com

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  1. I also love anything blue and orange, but I can’t find this model anywhere. Has this one come and gone or not been released yet?

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