Well, I did have to qualify that some, as there may be something bigger out there that I’m not aware of.  Until that turns up, though, this 66mm beast will hold the crown.

We just learned about the Diesel Grand Daddy and it’s 73x63mm case when they let us know that this LE model was hitting their inventory.    So, what do you get with this watch?  Quadruple (and independent) chronograph movements, which means they’re actually doing something with all the real estate the case consumes on your wrist.


In theory, this means you could feasibly track four different time zones, and/or time four different things.  In practice, though, I think this might be a bit trickier than it might seem.  And readability, while helped some by the size of the case, might be a little bit compromised too, due to the hands necessarily being smaller to prevent interference.

I will say, for as much as is jammed in there, this is a relatively well-balanced watch, from a design and layout perspective.  And it will definitely grab some attention, due to it’s size.  If that’s what you’re looking for, head on over to Watchismo and plunk down your $1000 to get one of the 1000 pieces Diesel is producing.



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