Are you ready to fight the unending violence inherent in the monetary system? Do you like watches? Bam. Bitcoin Watches.

These Kickstarter pieces don’t sell for BTC but cost $239 for quartz and $2,386 for an automatic Eterna movement.

This isn’t full of complications, much like the blockchain, and the main value in being able to show support for alternative currencies and the ability to resell this when the entire economic system collapses like a newborn calf exposed to the vagaries of the polluted barnyard of capitalism. It also comes in blue and black.

For those more interested in smart contracts there is an Ethereum model available as well although proof-of-life is required before the community will accept your wearing one.

The watches will ship in October, just in time for you to deliver a body blow to the unfair and unjust monetary systems of the so-called developed world.

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