Celebrate a 100-year milestone is no mean feat. And unlike some watch brands that have some hazy gaps in their history, we’re all on-board with Citizen hitting the century mark. To celebrate, they’ve released not one watch, but five limited-edition models that comprise the Citizen Layers of Time.

  • Citizen Layers of Time
  • Citizen Layers of Time
  • Citizen Layers of Time
  • Citizen Layers of Time
  • Citizen Layers of Time

Layers of time: the dials

The dials on the watches in the Citizen Layers of Time collection are rather unique. They’re crafted from 100% recycled polycarbonate and showcase structural color ink, a cutting-edge development by FUJIFILM Corporation. This evokes the look of rocks and minerals, and plays with light in a unique way (fittingly for an Eco-Drive watch). Unlike traditional pigments, this ink uses microstructures to reflect light, creating a stunning array of colors and tones.

The watches

The watches are a rather unique mix of models. First up, you’ve got two Attesa models, one of which talks to GPS satellites, and the other that receives radio signals. The purpose of both of those methods is to ensure the watch is showing the accurate time. They also offer up some different coloration, with the GPS model looking a bit more like an aurora, while the radio-controlled has your more classic titanium-and-blue look.

Next you’ve got a Citizen Promaster, which is also radio-controlled, and carries an additional nickname of “Geo Trekker”. After thtat, there’s the radio-controlled PCAT that is also radio-controlled, and relies on a black gradation at the edge of the dial to separate things. Finally, there’s a Citizen L Mae, which is their ladies model. No radio control, but it is powered by light and has the unique dial, just like the other four.

  • Citizen Layers of Time
  • Citizen Layers of Time
  • Citizen Layers of Time

Wrapping things up

All of these models have been released, and you’ll find them out there in limited numbers:

  • Attesa GPS (ref. CC4057-60E): 1900 pieces, $2295
  • Attesa Radio-Controlled (ref. AT8286-65E): 1495 pieces, $2100
  • Promaster Geo Trekker (ref. BY3005-56E): 10000 pieces, $895
  • PCAT (ref. CB5878-56E): 2400 pieces, $850
  • L Mae (ref. EM1067-53E): 4200 pieces, $650

Get all the details directly from Citizen Watch.

Citizen Layers of Time

Citizen Layers of Time Tech Specs

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Last Update: June 18, 2024