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The December 2015 Giveaway: Benrus Sky Chief



Back in September, we covered a few new models, the Infantry and H6, from newly resurrected brand Benrus. Of course, for those who are familiar with that brand from their original incarnation, there is one watch in particular that stands out in most people’s minds – the Benrus Sky Chief. Just the name itself holds a certain cachet from days gone by. These days, there is a new version, and this month you have your chance to win one.


You might be wondering how we got a hold of this watch without reviewing it; the truth of the matter is, I did review it, it just happened to appear over on our sister publication, aBlogtoWatch. The biggest thing to note about the new Benrus Sky Chief is that it is more of a fashion-oriented take on the original. You have a pre-aged bomber leather strap, and the dial looks like it’s been beat up and scratched. Even the finish on the case has sort of an aged look to it.


While there are certainly some stylistic elements that I prefer from the original Benrus Sky Chief, there is a lot that was fairly well done for a re-issue. Of course, we do have a quartz movement powering things (rather than a mechanical), but that is one of those expediencies that simply helps keep costs down. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a true mechanical successor in the future; for now, we have what we have. To boot, it’s going to be more accurate than any vintage example you’re likely to run across, so that’s a plus.

Benrus-Sky-Chief-04 Benrus-Sky-Chief-03

You can get the full rundown in the review, as well as the comparison between the old and new. If this sounds like something you’d like to have on your wrist, there are a few steps to complete to get your entry in:

  • Comment below on what your favorite re-issued watch has been
  • Head on over to the contest page (link) and get your entry registered

We do match up the comments here to the entries when we select a winner, so be sure to do that. Good luck!


  1. Sea-Gull 1963 reissue. There’s just something cool about it and it’s at a very good price. First watch that made me interested in Sea-Gull.

  2. Favorite re-issue Benrus Sky Chief, I like quartz watches too. I like how the minute intervals don’t clutter the dial but they are still there.

  3. I love the “scratched up” look of the dial on that Benrus, really cool. My favorite affordable re issue is the 1963 Chrono. I have a thing for Chronos haha.

  4. My favorite re-issue is the Longines Heritage Diver 1967. It was released at Baselworld this year and I have been eyeing one since then. Soon to receive my own piece very soon :D. The Benrus Sky Chief is a modernistic take on the original Sky Chief and would make for a great weekend watch. Love the integrated leather strap.

  5. I like the look of the the Benrus Sky Chief and I think that my stepfather would love to receive it as a birthday gift to add to his collection.

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