When it comes to our giveaways, we try to keep things fairly recent – we review a watch, and then if a brand decides that it can be passed along to our readers, we’ll get it slotted into a giveaway fairly quickly.  Other times, though, a watch slides to the back of the drawer and gets overlooked.  That’s what happened with this month’s giveaway.  I was going through cleaning out some things, and came across the Ingersoll Boonvile we reviewed three years ago, and realized it was high time to get this in a giveaway.


For those who don’t remember the review (or simply haven’t read it), you can check it out here.  Go ahead, we’ll wait for you.  Ok, all caught up?  The Ingersoll brand is one of those famous (formerly) American brands that have gotten some new life.  We were on a streak of reviewing quite a few from the brand, and the Ingersoll Boonville was one of my favorites, by far.


I think this is because, for being a skeletonized watch, it still managed to keep things pretty legible, due to the bits of dial around the outer edge, second time zone, and across the middle of the dial.  Yeah, that’s right – it has a second time zone (over there at 6 o’clock), as well as the day/night indication up at 12.  So, sure, the movement itself may not set the watch world on fire, I think it’s well-executed, especially at the retail (as of when we reviewed it) of around $300.


Then again, you now have the chance to get your own Ingersoll Boonville for the low, low price of free.  All you need to do is comment below about what your favorite skeletonized watch is, and then head on over to the giveaway page to complete your entry.  Make sure to do both parts, as we do match the email addresses between both parts.  Good luck!

Our thanks to Ingersoll for sponsoring this month’s giveaway

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47 thoughts on “The December 2016 WWR Giveaway – an Ingersoll Boonville”
  1. The Griffin Emblem Automatic, for this type of look, I appreciate the understated nature. Sometimes too much is too much.

  2. The Ulysse Nardin executive tourbillon has this sort of industrial art deco design that is really intriguing. It’s a beautiful piece.

  3. The Swatch YAS100G Automatic Skeleton Watch has a clean, yet affordable presentation. It’s a nice balance between cost and appearances.

  4. My favorite skeletonized watch has to be the Seiko Premier SSA245. I know it’s only semi-skeletonized, or “open heart” but I’m a Seiko fan-boy and it’s the closest they get to this aesthetic.

  5. Invicta Russian Diver model 1090 is my favorite skeletonized watch, got it some years ago and it still works great.

  6. My favourite skeleton watch (obsession) would be HYT H2 COLLECTION. A bit out of my league but it is not forbidden to imaginate, right? 🙂

  7. One skeletonized watch favorite of mine is, Romain Jerome’s Skylab Space age Skeleton watch.!

  8. I think Cartier does skeletonization better than just about anyone. The Tank Louis Cartier skeleton sapphire is probably my favorite with the Astrotourbillon skeleton not far behind. The Piaget Altiplano skeleton is nice also.

  9. I’m very much a old school/throwback kind of girl….My favorite skeleton watch has got to be my first! A swatch watch that I had back in the 90’s. I simply love the skeleton style!

  10. The favourite I have is the Swatch GZ157 or the Daimler Chrysler watch. Paired with an all black strap is amazingly beautiful. The one I’m dreaming is the Orient Star skeleton watch.

  11. Recently found out about Griffin Emblem. As their three styles look all amazing, my favourite’s still RG1053-2 for best looking skeletal watch.

  12. My favorite looks wise is the Patek Philippe Black however I am just dreaming on that one due to the price lol!

  13. My dream skeleton watch would be a Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton Tourbillon with its minimal art deco flare. The Ingersoll Boonville is a great looking chrono watch that I would definitely consider.

  14. So thanks to Ingersoll (first off). I know I will like more as I see them, but right now I am torn between the Audemars Piguet Rare Platinum Square Skeleton Watch and the oh so affordable Vacheron Constantin Malte Skeleton Minute Repeater for when I am out on the town….

  15. My favorite skeleton would be the Piaget Altiplano. But I think it’ll still take some years to buy a watch like that 🙂

  16. I quite like the Tissot T-Complication Squelette. It’s priced more affordably, and has a unique, industrial design.

  17. I’m not sure of the brand, but I got a skeleton pocket watch from my grandfather and I absolutely love it.

  18. Always been partial to the Bulova Accutron Kirkwood Skeleton Dial Watch. Trusty, timeless and sharp. Wears well.

  19. My Favourite Skeleton Watch is the Fossil Automatic Modern Machine, silver chrome with black leather/rubber straps. Rugged with thick edges with also very detailed skeleton dial. Wearing one now and looking forward to going out everyday

  20. My fav skeleton watch is the Tissot T Complication Squellette, and I have one since 2 years ago. This Ingersoll looks great also, and it has a second time zone! One of my fav complications!

  21. I always prefer yellow gold, though white gold is something acceptable (rose gold? never!), but often just a touch of gold is sufficient — even a single fly wheel works, or a little trim. My current favorite skeleton watch is probably the 18K yellow gold 30mm Patek Philippe 3878J…at least, that was the last one I held that impressed me.

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