It looks like our friends over at Watchismo have a page up where they’re taking pre-orders for the latest version of the Devon Tread .  As with most things showing up on their pages, this is a seriously cool-looking piece.

The biggest technical attraction with the watch is also it’s smallest – the belts used to drive the watch are actually 2/1000ths of an inch thick.  To be sure, those are mechanical components, but this watch is far from being a truly mechanical watch (not that it should matter, but didn’t want anyone being misled).

Inside of that 44x42mm steel case (14.5mm thick) you’ve got their proprietary movement being powered by a lithium-polymer battery that should be good for two weeks on a charge.  How does it charge?  Thankfully, not via some unsightly port.  Instead, it relies on an inductive charging solution.


Protecting the dial and belts, you’ve got a 1mm thick sapphire crystal (not the thickest we’ve seen, but still plenty to do the job), and a 10m water resistance rating comes along as well (don’t swim with it, but occasional dips in the sink should be ok).

This is another one of those fascinating pieces, in my book, much like the Ressence Type 3 – they push the boundaries of what’s been being done, and go off in their own unique (and expensive) directions.  If you are interested, you can head on over to the Watchismo page and get your pre-order in.  While you’re waiting for delivery later this year, you can read more on the watch over on ABlogToWatch right here.

ByPatrick Kansa

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