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The End Times Are Here: Fake Seikos


blue2.jpgI don’t even know how this sort of thing happens, but it seems someone is faking Blue Monsters now. I suppose there’s a market for them, but it literally looks like they molded the entire watch and just recast it. Very strange.

eBay: Mens Divers Watch SCUBA OCEANIC Diving Fun Splash (item 180075376765 end time Jan-22-07 18:22:22 PST)


  1. I don’t understand how people can buy such fakes, I would rather not wear a watch or buy a cheaper brand watch than wearing such a horrible fake.

  2. Well, they say that is the ultimate form of flattery 😉

    However, I really fail to understand why anyone would buy a fake Monster! Of course it’s very cool to have a Blue Monster, but let it be a real one then!

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