A random wash in Tucson… Home. Credit: Nicholas De Leon

Hello and welcome to yet another exciting episode of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com. John, Victor, and Nicholas are all here today.

You may have noticed that we’ve been rather inconsistent these past few… months. There are all sorts of reasons for that, but the important this is that we’re back in the saddle.

In this episode, we first address some house business: Nicholas has moved from New York to Tucson! This is relevant to the pod because Nicholas may sound a little odd for a few weeks while he gets his home studio setup a little more… set up. If anyone is in Arizona or the wider southwest and you want to talk watches (or soccer or baseball) please reach out via Twitter @nicholasadeleon while Twitter still exists. Or send an email to nicholas@wristwatchreview.com.

Moving on!

We do actually discuss watches this week. Quite a few, in fact, including this handsome Traska GMT that we all love; this Vulcain skindiver that we don’t; and this Laventure Automobile Chronograph, which we’re also sorta meh on.

Also, be sure to listen to hear about a fun contest we’re holding. You’ll receive this watch if you win!

Thank you for listening, have a great week!

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