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We have written about quite a few different Rossling & Co watches, and based on their successes, it seems the general public is on-board with what they’re making available via Kickstarter, as projects have far exceeded initial funding goals. This means that our July 2015 Giveaway, for the Rossling & Co. Quartz Watch, should prove to be a popular one.

Now, if for some reason you missed Matt’s original writeup on the watch back in December, head on over here and take a look. For those in a hurry, or if you just want a quick review, it’s a watch that Matt rather liked. When it comes to quartz watches, sometimes us watch reviewers can be a bit tough. That all said, there is a lot that was done right here. For starters, they played off one of the big benefits of a quartz movement (it’s smallness), and the Rossling & Co. Quartz Watch is very, very thin (only 7mm, which is 2mm thinner than the automatic version).

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The Ronda 1069 movement also informs the layout that we have on the dial, with the sub-seconds mimicking the indices that we see on the main dial. As Matt pointed out in his review this helps to fill what would otherwise be a wide expanse of white space on the dial. Yes, even though the movement itself is small, the watch case measures in at a healthy 40mm. Combined with the thin profile, though, this should make for a rather wearable watch.

It also comes on the tweed strap the brand is known for. I took a look at one of these here and think, as Matt does, that it provides a nice alternative to the ever-present leather strap. I’m not as sold on it for warm-weather wear, but Matt thought it would work well for the summer – and I guess that is something that our winner will be able to decide for themselves. For your opportunity to win your own Rossling & Co. Quartz watch, simply head on over here and get your entries in for the July 2015 Giveaway. Good luck!

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