It’s a new month, which means it is time to kick off a brand new giveaway for you, our loyal readers.  This time around, we are going with a dressier option, because everyone should have some sort of dress watch handy.  Can’t exactly wear a G-Shock to the summer wedding, can you?


Well, I suppose you could, just don’t, ok?  While the Kickstarter for the Alvieri Firenze (our review) has closed out, you can of course still pre-order one from the brand.  The sub-$200 price certainly won’t break the bank – but winning one for free certainly is much better.


The Alvieri Firenze is a tidy dress watch, and punches well above it’s weight in terms of the style that you would expect to get from a watch in this price bracket, particularly one that launched on Kickstarter (no mimimalism clone watch here, nossir!)


While the included black strap of the Alvieri Firenze definitely dresses it up, the dark grey dial allows it to be a bit of a chameleon.  Meaning, you could certainly swap in a different strap in a color of your choosing, and alter the looks a bit.


As I said in our review, this is a great watch, and has a lot to like about it.  If you want a crack at winning this for yourself, you likely know the drill by now.

  1. Comment below to let us know what your favorite Kickstarter watch has been this year
  2. Head on over to the Contest Page, and complete your entry there.

Bear in mind, we do match the email address on the entries to the comments here, so be sure to do both steps.  Also of note, this contest is open to the residents of North America (just a nod to conserving shipping costs).  Good luck!

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12 thoughts on “The July 2016 WWR Giveaway: Alvieri Firenze”
  1. My favorites is from the last giveaway. The Ballast Trafalgar. Great looks and setting the date/time is so unusual.

  2. Alvieri Firenze because it is a nice classic tiemepiece (and I am a little dulled with all those diver-military kickstarter projects)

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