Summertime is here, which means we are all getting outside more to enjoy the weather.  This also means that we have the opportunity to get ourselves in better shape, whether it be just getting out there and walking, riding a bike, or some other sort of sport.  If that’s your goal, then our June 2015 Giveaway for a Wellograph Fitness Watch will be of interest.


While there are a variety of fitness trackers available to help you quantify what it is you’re doing, and there are smart watches that tie to your phone, there are not that many smart watches that focus primarily on fitness.  Well, that changed with the arrival of the Wellograph Fitness Watch.


In my review over at aBlogtoWatch, I found it to be an interesting option.  Not perhaps something that I would replace a mechanical watch with, but certainly something that would work as a workout partner (with it’s heartrate monitor) or something that you would do a double-wristing application.  Just don’t expect to get text message alerts, because that’s not where the strength of the Wellograph Fitness watch.  If that’s what you’re looking for, head on over here and get your entries in.



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