Hey, you know who likes the watches from Janis Trading, particularly all of the Sub homages that make up the NTH line? Well, actually, that’s just about everyone. You know who really likes them? Aside from Victor (you can see some of his writing on them here), I am guessing the winner of our June giveaway will also be quite the fan.

You see, Doc stepped up for us this month, and is offering one of his NTH Oberon’s to one lucky reader. As Victor wrote in his hands-on review, the NTH Oberon draws it’s details from the best of the earlier Submariners – including a honeycomb dial with the 3-6-9 indices and a gilt handset.

If you want more details on the various watches that had some of these design details, you really need to check out Victor’s writeup – the guy has a great amount of information tucked away on these vintage watches, and it shows in the writeup.

Now, let’s get ourselves back to current events – our giveaway. As usual, we’ve got our fairly standard process for entering:

  1. Comment below what your favorite detail from a vintage Submariner is (or even the whole model, why not)
  2. Head on over to our giveaway page to complete your entry

This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Janis Trading, and is limited to residents (and shipping addresses) in the US of A. Our thanks to Doc, and good luck to you!

ByPatrick Kansa

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83 thoughts on “The June 2017 WWR Giveaway: A NTH Oberon”
  1. I love the simplicity of the watch face on a Rolex Submariner. No extra details there, or needed.

  2. Easy-to-read numbers, reminds me of a military-style watch but still has a dressy feel to it.

  3. Best detail from a vintage sub? Elegant, thin case profile. From the NTH line? Ditto. But, yeah… That waffle dial though????

  4. I looked at the Hands, Dial, Bezel the style of the numbers (dial/bezel) and I can’t
    pick out just one thing that stands out. Everything about it just works together.

  5. If we’re talking vintage Submariners then I gotto go Rolex Mil-Sub. I mean c’mon!!

  6. The honeycomb dial is a nice touch. I’m also a fan of the NTH logo. Nice and symmetrical.

  7. Favorite details of a vintage sub; big crown with no crownguards and the classic sized case that has drilled lugs!!!

  8. I just like the idea that it’s the world’s most respected watchmaking company making one of the world’s most versatile/rugged watches…cant beat that combo!

  9. My favorite detail from a vintage Submariner is definitely the bezel, it has such a timeless, classic look.

  10. The combined silhouette of the case, crown and bezel is very well done. It has an aura of understated masculinity.

  11. I’ve been toying with the idea of building my own and dang if Doc didn’t do it for me. If I don’t win it I’ll probably buy one.

  12. I love how well-proportioned vintage Submariners are; from the indices and dial layout, to the cases themselves. Clear, legible, purposeful tool-watches.

  13. When I was 12 years old my uncle , my cool uncle, let me try on his watch and it was heavy ans it had a bevel and it GLOWED IN THE DARK and I felt like James Bond.
    It was a Submariner and it is the watch I have always since then associated with cool.

  14. My favorite detail would be the Mercedes hour hand. Beautiful compromise between function and ornateness.

  15. Best thing is the luminous dial–many years of night nursing made that a feature that would make or break a watch for me!

  16. I have always appreciated how the numerals on the dial and bezel are sort of offset relative to one another when centered; it gives the model more visual balance, in my opinion. Often, timing bezels appear busy, but that isn’t the case with most Submariners.

  17. The hands, markers, numbers and bezel offers a vibrant lum while the black textured dial is exquisitely enhanced with vanilla color, followed by the red name. The combination will make this watch a nice conversation piece. Let’s not forget the top notch Miyota movement

  18. I love the vintage subs with no crown guards. I think its such a clean look and is so different from the beefy lugs on modern subs.

  19. First off the case thickness 11.5mm is far better than the 14mm of competitors at the around the same price range. The combo of colors makes the watch an interesting piece worth a closer look especially with friends and work. Exquisite face. The night lum, I cannot say as far as duration, but according to given photo on the the Janis website it certainly gives a presence worth noting. Yeah, this is one piece I will be saving my money for when the model comes out again …… assuming I do not win the giveaway.

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