For those who did not ever live in Michigan, that title might take a little explaining. Well, to simplify it a bit, it’s a state road designation (IE, M-14), and for some reason that free association happened when I was taking a look at what the Lum-Tec M82 has to offer.

If you’re (for some reason) not familiar with what Lum-Tech is producing, you really are missing out. They have a pretty wide catalog in terms of styles and price points, and their calling cards have been the quality of the lume, and the build quality. And interestingly enough, you may actually be familiar with their work, as they’ve done assembly work for many of the smaller micro brands over the past few years. But that’s not what we’re talking about today, are we?

In many ways, the Lum-Tec M82 reminds me of the Magrette watches I’ve had cross the review desk. This is primarily due to the case, which is one of my favorite styles, the cushion case. This shape allows you to get into more of a square style, while not completely abandoning the classic circle. Past that, it’s a case style that lends itself to alternating case finishes. Here, the 42mm case has a brushed main body, while the bezel is polished.

The dial (and handset) of the Lum-Tec M82 is where it diverges from the Magrette’s I’ve reviewed. The individually, the dial – which evokes Panerai – and the handset (vaguely aviator style) are familiar, but it’s the combination here that brings uniqueness to the mix.

All of this is powered by a Sellita SW200, which means the Lum-Tec M82 is Swiss-powered, and still manages to gets to coming in at a reasonable (I mean, just look at the spec list down below) of $875. If you want to pick up your own, just head on over to their site and vote with your wallet.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Lum-Tec M82
  • Price: $875
  • Who we think it might be for: You’re itching for a Swiss-powered cushion case built in the States
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen? Probably not, but it’s more due to fit within what I’ve got (and wear) and not an issue with the watch itself, per se
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: The combination of dial and handset

Tech Specs from Lum-Tec

  • Assembled by hand in Ohio
  • 42mm 316L Surgical grade Stainless Steel case
  • Fine brushed and polished finishing
  • 22mm Lug width
  • 200 meter water resistance
  • Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement
  • Precision tuned to +/- 0-3 seconds/day tolerance in six positions
  • Self-winding mechanism with ball bearing
  • 28,800 vibrations per hour, 4 Hz. 26 jewels
  • Power reserve 38 hours
  • Curved sapphire with military grade AR coating
  • Anti-shock movement mounting system  
  • Solid double diamond sealed threaded caseback
  • Threaded crown with double diamond seals
  • Gray sunburst brass dial
  • High tech Viton® gaskets
  • Top grade leather strap with polished buckle
  • MDV® luminous Technology custom developed grade X1 (vintage radium color with higher luminous reactivity) on dial and hands
  • Lifetime free timing adjustments, seal cleaning and pressure testing
  • Limited and numbered series of 100 worldwide
  • 2 year limited warranty 

Editor’s note: There is indeed an M-82 in Michigan

By Patrick Kansa

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