From – A timeless timepiece is a rare thing; manufactuers, like the people who design the clothes we wear and the food we eat, are subject to the temptestuous winds of change. Swiss watch-maker Mondaine has arisen to stand boldly against the onslaught of ever-changing fasion trends with their Railways Classic, a sleek, minimalistic timepiece that server its purpose with the timeless beauty of other classics like aviator sunglasses and the little black dress.

The face is enclosed in a sturdy stainless steel construction and the slim black leather band draws attention to the beauty and simplicity of the piece. Though not pictured, you can also pick up a flavor with a date adjacent to three o’clock. The only qualm is that on the time-and-date watches, you’ll have to reset the date to the first each month, because of the design mechanism that rotates the individual wheels. A minor price to pay for a classy, classic watch that will have a place in your wardrobe until the end of time.

Mondaine: The World’s Best Watch Is Useless If You Can’t Read The Time

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

7 thoughts on “The Mondaine Swiss Railways Classic”
  1. Just a request: with each of your great wristwatch reviews, can you include price somewhere? Visiting some of these external links–the webpages for the manufacturers–dont always include pricing information either. So it would be grat to have you add a note on price, up front. . .


    Host: what do you think of this brand? There are a lot of advertisements for this watch in NYC these days. Can you give a review, please?

    Also, someday ca nyou explain what the basic grades of watch design are? For instance, whats the difference in quality between quartz vs mechanical? Maybe you can create a brief tutorial.

  3. > Too bad these are quartz only. Would be interested if it was an automatic.

    There is at least one Mondaine model that is automatic (day and date), with an ETA2836 movement. I own one and is very pleased with it.

  4. I have a 30008 Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch 33mm – I have great difficulty in resetting the pointers at winter time and summer time change over – what I doing wrong ?
    When I received the watch in 2005 there was no instructions – would appreciate your help

  5. Just bought the Mondaine Evo Gents. It is a very nice watch for the money. I got mine from

    The face design is simple yet bold and very clear to read. It is nice and slim so makes a great everyday watch.

    The case is nicely polished, and the crown carries the ‘m’ in red, which is a nice little touch.

    The strap is black leather on the seen face, and natural tan on the inside. It is embossed with the ‘Mondaine’ name on the inside. The buckle is square and is also embossed with ‘Mondaine’. There are two leather strap keepers, which you tuck the strap end into, one of which is fixed which is a nice touch, as it holds the strap nice and tight so the end wont flick out.

    Time is set by pulling the crown out and rotating to the correct time.

    Minute and hour hands are black, with a red second hand, which has a circle at the point.

    All in all, a very neat watch.

    If you like the simple things in life, this is a good watch to have. No fuss, it tells the time, without any clutter.

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