How’s that, you ask? Did the independent Chicago brand somehow supplant Omega as the official timekeeper? Not in this slice of the multiverse. Instead, it’s showing up on wrists in the breakout sport of the last winter Olympics, curling. That’s right – the “everyone’s dads” US Curling team are bringing the heat.

The photos here are, of course, not them wearing the Humboldt at the Olympics (as those haven’t started just yet), but actually wearing them on the ice in the Olympic trials. Ok, sure, it’s not as demanding on a mechanical wrist watch as trying to, I don’t know, wear a Rolex while golfing, but it’s still pretty darn cool in our book.

Wondering what the Oak & Oscar Humboldt is all about? We’ve got you covered, fam, as we wrote about the watch when it first came out in 2018, and you can read all about it here. Or, you know, head on over to O&O and have a gander at getting your own. And who knows, maybe start a new career in curling!

By Patrick Kansa

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