We are definitely into the thick of summer now (at least in the northern hemisphere).  This generally means summertime travel, which can enlist a variety of modes of transport.  Well, if you plan on riding the rails, then this month’s giveaway watch – the G. Gerlach PM36 – will be a perfect riding companion.

In our review, we gave you the full rundown on this watch.  It has a a great vintage style that is kicked off (or capped off?) by the enameled dial, lumed numerals (with a great font), and the cathedral-style handset.  Sure, that Seagull movement inside may not be “period correct” for a vintage-looking watch, but I’m happy to take modern manufacturing tolerances and reliability.  And hey, it does bring hand-winding-only to the party, which is a right feel for the period.

For being a 43mm watch, it does not wear overly large, due to the thin coin-edge bezel that surrounds the dial.  It also gives a rather great view of that lovely dial at just about any angle.  Paired onto the steel mesh strap, the fully-polished G. Gerlach PM36 definitely can carry on with some dressier occasions.  And, should you need to jump in the pool, the 100m WR rating and sapphire crystal will be right there along with you.

To get your chance at winning this vintage beauty, we’ve got our standard two-part process:

  1. Comment below on what your favorite transportation-related (or -themed) watch is
  2. Head on over to the giveaway page and complete your entry

Our thanks to G. Gerlach for sponsoring this giveaway; to our readers, good luck!


  1. I’m a big fan of pilot’s watches, and the Zenith Pilot line are some of my favorites. Especially the GMT and chronograph models.

  2. When I hear transportation related, my mind goes to the Tag Heuer Monaco or the Mondaine classic. I also love the Autodromo Prototipo with the white face and the baby blue hands.

  3. I’ve always loved that early 1900s look of watches like this. I think of it more as a trench watch, however. I really like the RGM COE 801, that looks a lot like this watch… but at 25x the cost.

  4. I’ve been digging the latest Ball Trainmasters, a lot of them can be pretty overdone but there are definitely a few peppered in there that are tastefully done!

  5. Any in the Mondaine line would be a favorite of mine related to transportation – Swiss Railway clock look and feel.

  6. The Corum 18k Yellow Gold Limited Edition Small “Rolls Royce” Watch fills the bill — it doesn’t look like a watch but rather more like the grill of a classic Rolls. But it does keep time.

  7. I like railroads (RR) theme which will have outer minute track for legit and requirement for accuracy and anti-magnetic protection.

  8. I’ve always enjoyed Chopard’s Mille Miglia line of watches, because they embody the true spirit of what a race car and racing oriented time piece should look like.!

  9. Seiko 6139, known as “Speed-Timer” is my favorite, not only because it was the first automatic chronograph worn in space & used by German astronaut, Reinhard Furrer, but because it is also the watch my dad had given to me as a teenager, 45 years ago and PROUDLY still own

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