Avast ye swabbies! Raise the mainsail and set the rudder because we’re on a long voyage to watchtown, population you. Bosun is a new minimalist watch with a nautical theme that could be yours if you read on.

This minimalist quartz is launching with a Kickstarter in November but until then the team at Bosun want you to feast your eyes on their beautiful watches. The watches come in silver and gold and feature a stark face with thin pips and thinner hands.

The team asks that you hop over to their site to check out their current offerings but they want to give one of you an early version of their brand new models that will launch in November. It’s a great opportunity to grab a great watch.

To get your chance at winning this sea-faring beauty, we’ve got our standard two-part process:

  1. Comment below on why you love the sea
  2. Head on over to the giveaway page and complete your entry

Our thanks to Bosun for sponsoring this giveaway; to our readers, good luck!

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

68 thoughts on “The October 2017 WWR Giveaway: Bosun Nautical Minimalist Watch”
  1. I grew up on the water, so swimming, crabbing, sailing, and skiing was how I spent my summers. Now, teaching those things to my kids is almost as much fun as when I was learning them. (Except skiing, I stunk at it then and am no better now).

  2. I love the smell of salt in the morning. Crewed for a few winning boats in regatta in Maine, Connecticut. Old School.

  3. The ocean has always been a part of my life as I grew up watching waves break on the rock jetties near my home, hunting for starfish and crabs among the rocks and watching dolphins feeding off the shore. Some of my happiest hours have been spent under billowing sails.

  4. I love of relaxing the sea makes me feel, how easy it is to forget your troubles and stress.

  5. Hi! The Bosun Nautical is a very beatiful, classic, minimal lines watch that I would love to own and wear every day.
    Having studied on an island gives you some real problems when you end up living on a nountainous city. Nevertheless, sailing has also been a great part of my summers and that is why i love the sea!

  6. I have lived on different parts of the Jersey Shore my entire life and love to wake up to to hearing the waves hitting the short.

  7. I have spent almost my entire life in landlocked areas and have only been to the ocean once. The Atlantic was wonderful and I can definitely see why a person could be lured to a life at sea.

  8. One thing that I find so intriguing is dolphins and whales watching. Going to the middle of the ocean in search of them is why. Their beauty and gracefulness is no comparison to any other sea life creatures.

  9. I’ve had a home in Harwichport my whole life. Love the sounds, smells, and movement of the ocean – like George Malley’s trees in Phenomenon. The beach is the perfect place to spend Cape weekends with friends and family.

  10. Hey John! I create lamps and pendants using pieces of surf-tumbled sea glass I collect on various beaches on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Therefore, I love the sea because of all the beautiful treasures she washes ashore!

  11. i lived and worked out on the gulf of mexico for years… the fine salt that penetrates everything you are and own…the breath of stale salted fish in the air

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