Fratello found a great story on GMTs throughout history. Nice read.

The 6542 “Pussy Galore!” I didn’t know that it was called that then. Heck, I hadn’t even become a regular on any forums yet and didn’t really know much about no crown guards models or gilt vs. matte dials. But I did know that I really liked the look of the watch with that mini GMT hand and beautiful glossy “chocolate” dial. And that plastic bezel insert–Humina-humina…

Evolution of a GMT via


  1. it is awesome when someone goes out of their way to educate a general audience on a topic like watch lore.

    I am really interested in gaining an understanding of all the shades of pro/con for terms like ‘automatic’; ‘mechanical’; ‘self-winding’; ‘co-axial’; ‘ETA’; ‘swiss movement’ and other watch-vocab terms that directly relate to the fundamental anatomy of the watch.

    When I see a watch in a street vendor’s stall I want to know how to size it up and determine its quality.

    It’s odd but I have not yet caught any Rolex fever yet. They put me off.

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