Really?  Seikos two days in a row?  Well, this one is actually due a request by a reader.  You asked for us to take a look at some perpetual calendar watches, so I went out searching for some.  This Seiko, the SNP023, is the first one that jumped out at me.

So, what is a perpetual calendar, exactly?  To put it succinctly, it’s a watch that will always display the correct date.  For most watches, you know that they’re generally thrown off if the month has less than 31 days.  With the perpetual calendar, there’s not adjusting really needed.

Thankfully, this trick bit of functionality is housed in a great looking watch with this Seiko.  Aside from the perpetual calendar, it also features:

  • 43mm steel case (12mm thick)
  • 22mm leather strap
  • Day, date, and month
  • 24 hour indicator
  • Quartz movement
  • 30 meter water resistance

So, you can see, there’s a lot going on with this piece.  Personally, I like the large date display up top.  While not particularly necessary, it does differentiate the style, and it’s not like they’re trying to hide the date display.  I’ve also become a fan of the 24 hour indicator on watches.  While it’s rare that I don’t know if it’s day or night, it is handy for when you’re setting the watch.

While you might be tempted to call this a dress watch (Roman numerals, polished hands and markers), I think it would work better in an office or casual setting, given the size of the case.  Regardless of how you intend to wear it, you’ll have to pony up over $400 for the privilege.  A touch steep for a quartz, perhaps, but this one does have some skills that put it ahead of the rest of the class.

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