Steinhart is no stranger to making dive watches. They have a number of fans among the watch forums, and a history of using proper Swiss movements in their cases. In recent history, the trend has been to make larger watches, and I sincerely hope this is a sign of that trend subsiding.

Now we’re sharing the same dream

Steinhart have made dive watches for ages. They’ve made them in all the most popular colors borrowed from the big house in Geneva they take their cues from. Here, they’ve made one in 39mm. 39mm is an excellent size if you’re taking direction from the vintage Submariner. The Rolex 6538A used to clock in at 38mm, after all.

And our hearts, they beat as one

Steinhart have spared no expense in making unusual colors for this diver. Black and green are present, to be sure. But so are white, pink, and blue, which all have pearlescent dials, which are a little unusual for divers in this genre. Tudor used to make snowflake mini-Submariners for women or youths, and this appears to contribute that tradition.

No more love on the run

The rest of the construction is modern: ceramic bezel, Elabore grade ETA-2824-2, applied indices on the dial, and 316L steel. New details to Steinhart are the bracelet which slims from 20mm at the end link to 16mm wide at the clasp. Longtime Steiny fans will breathe a sigh of relief at this. The case shape has the flat lugs of Steinharts past. Early user reports seem to indicate that even with the flat lugs, the watch is a comfortable wear in this size. I’m less a fan of the hour hand that scales up from the pinion as it meets the Mercedes ball, but that’s fairly common to see. The date magnification is a little weaker than I prefer as well, but the things to remember here are: solid modern construction, ceramic, and Elabore ETA.

For about 440 USD, you can have one of these Swiss-powered watches on your wrist. It’s hard to get a well-made Swiss auto in Elabore grade for less, and the more I look at it, the more I think I could pull off the Pearl Blue dial.

ByVictor Marks

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  1. Big fan of the Steinhart Ocean 1 39mm. Excellent size. I have the Ceramic White. Thinking about getting the new Ocean 1 Vintage/Red.

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