It’s time to take a look at another brand we’ve not had on our pages for some time, Triwa.  Normally when I go skimming through their catalog it is for something lighter-weight (both physically and visually) that seems just right for the warmer weather on the way.  While there are indeed some brighter palettes available for the Triwa Skala, the one that grabbed my eye is the Triwa Raven Skala.

Why the Triwa Raven Skala, specifically?  It’s because of the color scheme they used.  Start with a black enamel dial (I’m guessing this isn’t the full baked-on, etc, type of enamel just based on the price point), they ring that with a sharp shade of blue.  Going outside of that you have a stainless steel case with alternating brushed and polished finishes.


In short, the Triwa Raven Skala is just a sharp looking watch.  The screw details on the bezel are something I could probably do without, but I suppose it makes it look a bit more interesting than you might otherwise have.  For me, it’s really all about the dial.  The strap could be interesting (veg tanned and perforated), it’s just hard to tell with those type of straps until you get them.  Could be great, could just look (and feel) like a slightly thicker band-aid.

While the Triwa Raven Skala may not be what you think about for a new warmer weather watch, coming in at $265 does definitely make you give it a second look, no?    I will call out that the case surrounding the quartz Miyota 2035 movement is only 36mm, so this is a bit on the smaller side.  I’ve liked their smaller resin cases, so this should be more of the same.  There are some other colorways available as well, including one with a metal mesh bracelet.

By Patrick Kansa

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2 thoughts on “The Triwa Raven Skala Takes Wing”
  1. I could find the skala collection but could’t find this watch on their website. I like the case and the dial but I think it will be better if this watch has a bigger dial. Is Raven Skala a women watch? All watches from skala collection on their website are for women.

    1. I suppose one could view it as a women’s watch based solely on the case diameter, but to me the style is a bit more unisex.

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