We first brought you word of the Manchester Watch Works Vergennes and Westminster Trench watches back in September 2015, and then later in that same month brought you a hands-on review of the Manchester Watch Works Vergennes.  Production has been humming along, and now we have a giveaway for you.MWW-Vergennes-13

While the photos in this post are all for the Vergennes, that is not what is being given away here.  Well, I suppose it could be.  Rather than giving away the example we reviewed (as it went back to the brand, being pre-production), we have instead worked with Manchester Watch Works to make it so that you – the winner – get your choice of which watch you would prefer.


I did rather like the Vergennes when I reviewed it, but I realize others may not share my affinity for bright dials, which is where the Westminster might be a more viable option.  Any which way, what you will need to do is this:

  1. Put a comment below letting us know what your favorite trench watch is (whether it be an original or a re-release)
  2. Then head on over to the giveaway page, and complete the process there
  3. (Optional but appreciated):  check out the MWW Facebook page and Instagram feed)

Please do bear in mind that we do match things up – so if your name is selected, and you do not have a comment on this post, someone else will get drawn.  As always, tremendous thanks to Manchester Watch Works for sponsoring this giveaway for you, our readers. If it was not for their generosity, we could not give you opportunities like this.

Good luck!


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Last Update: February 1, 2016