You may have noticed that, as of late, we have had a lot of reviews on items in the Spinnaker catalog.  That, in turn, is leading us into this month’s giveaway, where we have a chance for you to win your own Spinnaker Del Sol Chronograph.


Wonder what Victor thought about this solar-powered quartz chronograph?  Well, you can check out the full review right over here.  As for me, it’s an interesting (and bright) look, and I am certainly a fan of having at least one solar powered watch in your watch box.  Good thing we’re giving one away, then, eh?  To win your very own, you have a simple process to enter in this month’s giveaway:

  1. Comment below on what you like to time with a chronograph
  2. Go over to the contest page and complete your entry

Be sure to do both parts, as we are matching the email addresses from steps 1 and 2 to completely validate the entry when we are selecting a winner. Also of note, this contest is open to residents of North America (to contain shipping costs).

These giveaways are our way of saying “thank you” for being loyal readers. Good luck!




  1. If you light a match and throw it on a pile of Doritos, it will burn for about 15:37 (my chronograph was right, but it’s hard to say when the fire started/stopped). Basically what I’m saying is I use my chronograph for cooking.

    Note: Even though they burn well, they shouldn’t be used for cooking because the smoke smells like pure carcinogen.

  2. Breaks between pomodoros. I don’t need an alarm for the break part of it, just a glance at my wrist as I walk around.

  3. Every morning I use my chronograph to time my coffee using the aeropress! Also the rest periods between sets during my workouts.

  4. Cooking, work stuff (photographing events), pretty much everything… Three year-old twins make every second valuable!

  5. Chronograph… two (three) uses:
    1) Cooking! (so… usually 4-26 minute intervals)
    2) Timing the *exact* amount of time it takes to walk from home to work, or the nearest railway station. To know exactly how much time these things take (also winter vs. summer), in order to not be late for important stuff when necessary. (27 to 46 minute intervals, therabouts)

    3) Teleporting to north america.

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