Reader Art Taylor recounts a tale of confusing rules, deluded sales folks, the hardest he ever had to work to give his money away.

In an effort two get two straps for is JLC watches, he suffered from a Kafka-esque interregation about this collection.

She went on to explain that ordering straps is always the hardest thing to do with the watch company, and that they require so much extra information before agreeing that a particular strap is the correct one for a given watch. Then she rolled her eyes in empathy and said that maybe she always ended up talking to “new people”.

At this point, I saw that she was clearly insane. I told her that I bet their JLC salesman had the numbers in his catalog, and went over to get the info. I returned with the numbers, and she was so concerned she uncaged the senior watchmaker (who was all of twelve and wearing an IWC Big Pilot on his 6″ wrist) to verify that everything was all right and she wasn’t committing herself and the store to litigable exposure by letting me order a watch strap based on a mere specification book produced by the manufacture.

Josef K. runs the strap department at Jaeger-LeCoultre [Astrogoth]

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