Now, in our last his ‘n hers review covering Timex models, the models were from the same line (Weekender), but they didn’t exactly share an identical look to them.  So, today we eliminate that complaint!

The models in question are from Timex’s Elevated Classics line.  The designs have an older feel to them, but they’re not quite to the point of being retro.  Just a simple design that feels like it’s been around for a good long time.

The women’s model (T2N8549) and the men’s model (T2N8509) have a lot of features in common, including:

  • Polished and brushed plated finish on the brass case and steel expansion bracelet
  • Textured brown dial with polished numerals and hands
  • Quartz movement
  • Mineral crystal
  • 30 meter water resistance rating

The main difference between the two pieces (other than styling variations) would be in size – the women’s model measures in at 32mm, while the men’s is 40mm.  With the men’s model, you also add in a quick-set date feature (there is no date on the women’s version), as well as the Indiglo backlight.  Not sure why this was left out of the women’s model; perhaps to reduce the size of the case.

In daily wear, these performed just fine.  The expansion bracelet was comfortable – though you’ll want to be sure of the sizing here.  To the best of my knowledge, there’s really no way to adjust them any smaller – so you may want to find them locally so you can try them on, if your wrists are on the smaller side.

Here’s what my wife thought of the ladies model:

I liked the simple lines of the bracelet and numerals and watch overall – it looks classy and timeless. The bracelet itself is a little bit large – but comfortable; I love the color of the dial. It is something I would not hesitate to wear to the office; on the other hand, it seems to dressy for casual wear, but too casual for formal wear.

Yes, the times don’t match – user error

As with some of the other lower-end Timex models we’ve looked at, the quartz movement is on the nosier side (this must be due to the brass case).  This isn’t really an issue, until you’re in a quiet room (say, trying to sleep) – then it may be a distraction for you.

In the end, these bring what we’ve come to expect from Timex – simple and classic styling in a very affordable package (only $58 for either one).  Frankly, this is a great option, that will keep from breaking the bank, if you want to have a matching watch to your significant other that isn’t a piece of junk.

ByPatrick Kansa

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