Timex launched a new GPS watch recently, and while it’s intended for athletes who require more exact data when training, the new Ironman Global Trainer uses some pretty high end GPS technology in order to accurately track pace, distance, and heart rate.

The new watch features a 15 hour rechargeable battery with speed, distance, and pace data logging using a SiRFstarIII GPS system. The watch is also water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and features a customizable display that will show you up to 4 performance metrics at a time. The watch will also download your information to a computer (PC or Mac) and allow you to track the data over a longer period of time. The Global Trainer watch will also communicate with Timex’s heart rate and bike sensors using wireless technology.

The Global Trainer will be available at REI coming in May of this year, with an expected MSRP of $360.


  1. Anonymous, I don’t see any claim in the article that this is better than a Garmin 405… However I will say that it sure looks like the Timex will display more at a glance information and longer in training battery life… oh, and it wil work with my current Timex HRM… but it also looks like it will cost more.

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