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Timex X Todd Snyder takes you back to the cozy 1950s


The latest quartz Timex comes to you via Don Draper’s wrist. This Todd Snyder collaboration is inspired by Art Deco watch designs of yesteryear and features green lumed hands and red pips around a medico-style chapter ring.

The pieces will cost $128 when they launch this winter and they are water-resistant and have sapphire glass crystals.

?I saw the inspiration for this when I was meeting with Timex?s Milan-based design director Giorgio Galli,? says Snyder. ?And we were working on ideas for a watch with retro elements that would resonate with the vintage details in our fall collection including retro sweater polos, bold patterned cardigans, and boucle wool topcoats.??

The real draw for me is the design. These really look like something out of the 1950s and maybe the 1970s and the brown works wonderfully with the grey face. It won’t win any prizes when it comes to complications but it sure is pretty.

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