Tissot has launced a new lineup () of luxury automatics that feature a rather impressive 80 hour power reserve.  This movement is parlayed into 19 different models (mostly different color schemes, as well as 9 women”s models).  Read on, and we”ll take a closer look at one from the collection.

The one that jumped out the most for me is actually a bit of a “sleeper”, with it”s brown strap and silver dial ().  That said, I think this particular color combo is one of the most flexible (a white or cream dial would be sharp), and swapping a black strap in would be easy enough to make this a dressier piece.


Inside the simple case (41mm and 9.75mm thick, stainless steel) you have an ETA C07.111 automatic movement keeping time and housing that crazy power reserve.  This movement is based on the well-known ETA 2824, with some changes made to enable the 80 hour reserve (you can read a quick article on that right here).  While we may not swoon at the thought of a “simple” iteration to the 2824, I like to see improvements like this – it signals that the makers are still looking for ways to improve on what”s out there – and hopefully higher-end things like this will end up trickling down.

That said, this isn”t truly a luxury watch, in terms of what the broader market would define a luxury piece as – though, for Tissot, this is definitely a premium offering within their range; pricing ranges from $850 up to $1575 for a COSC-certified movement and a mother-of-pearl dial.  Styling is rather subjective – either you like it or you don”t.  I think the big selling point here is that reserve, which is perfect for the sort of person who rotates through a few watches throughout the week.

One additional side note – Tissot offers something I”ve not seen before.  You can get a strap to easily accommodate larger wrists, as they ask for a wrist size when making a purchase (5″ up to 14″).  As another nicety, the surcharges don”t start until you go above 9″, which I imagine covers a lot of the market.

By Patrick Kansa

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