Tissot has scored a coup for the mechanicals market by partnering with NASCAR. While we can shudder to think of the many ways the name Tissot could be mispronounced by NASCAR announcers, it’s great to see a less expensive brand of Swiss watch get notoriety like this. The first official piece is the PRS516 with Valjoux Day-Date movement and a sexy NASCAR styling which sells for about $1,200. Future models will hit the $250 mark, making it a good entry-point for new collectors.

Tissot, the Swiss watchmaker and timing technology company, has inked a deal with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) to become an official partner. Tissot will become the “official timekeeper” and “official watch” of NASCAR, America’s fastest growing sport. Debuting with the 2006 season, kicking off in February, Tissot will introduce a new line of official NASCAR watches.

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ByJohn Biggs

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7 thoughts on “Tissot – Official Partner of Le NASCAR”
  1. Tissot has several NASCAR watches, including the PRS 516 Valjoux (Auto), the PR 50, and the T-Race. Hopefully a T-Touch isn’t too far behind.

  2. Speaking as a NASCAR fan,it’s good to see the sport branching out to different markets.And i don’t think the announcers will mispronounce the product’s name too many times.

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  4. Thanks for showing me this awesome watch and for explaining all the details about it! My husband loves to collect watches and this would make a great gift, especially since his birthday is coming up! He will be so excited about it!

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