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Tissot is a brand that I am aware of, but have not been around much.  This changed recently when then loaned me the T-Touch Expert Solar and the Tissot Quickster for hands on reviews.  The Swiss watchmaker produces a variety of watches, including these two models that are geared toward the action oriented.

Tissot Quickster 04

The Tissot Quickster is an attractive quartz chronograph, at a price point (under $500, less with some internet shopping) that competes well with chronos with Japanese movements.  The watch utilizes an ETA G10.211 movement with three eyes, a small second hand at 6:00, a 30 minute timer at 10:00 and a 1/10 second timer at 2:00.  As fun as it would be to see this last hand spin around, it does stay stationary until the chrono is stopped or the lap timer is tripped, at which point it moves to indicate the fraction of a second timing.

Tissot Quickster 05

The 42mm diameter is well utilized, with a tachymeter scale on the bezel and a very legible dial.  The three eyes blend in with the dial, and barely impinge on the indexes.  For the watch I have, the orange chapter ring shows up nicely against the black dial, and the white marking for the sub dials are legible but not overly busy.  There is a lot going on in the dial, but it never sacrifices the key function of being able to tell the time at a glance.

Tissot Quickster 03

The sub dials are slightly recessed from the main dial, and the corresponding chapter rings for the sub rials are raised slightly above the dial, giving a nice element of depth.  The date window is set at 4:00, replacing the index.  With my version, the white of the date ring makes it more visible, but I would have liked it to be matched to the watch colors.

Tissot Quickster 02

The watch comes on a leather strap.  The orange and black watch I had to review came on a black strap with orange stitching, a nice touch that did not come off as too loud.  There are 18 variations available for the watch, everything from a stainless case with a grey dial and white markings on a stainless bracelet to a gold plated watch on a white leather strap with a mother of pearl dial to a stainless case with a white dial and yellow strap with green markings and bezel to the black plated stainless case with a black dial and orange indexes.  So yeah, you should be able to find one that matches your style.

Tissot Quickster 06

The baton hands are some of the longest looking I have seen, with the minute hand running all the way out to the outermost chapter ring.  The stainless hands have a strip of lume for the hour and minute hand, and the cectral chrono second hand has a “T” counterweight.  The subdial hands are not lumed, and only the main indexes and “12” hour marker are lumed, so you can’t use the chrono in the dark, but the watch is more readable without all the extra glowing bits.

Tissot Quickster 07

The one thing that seems a bit out of proportion is the leather strap.  At 20mm, it is just a little too narrow at the lugs for my taste.  The case itself is wide enough to support wider spacing and a tapered strap.  Beyond that, there really is little to dislike.  It is not groundbreaking as a quartz chronograph, but the Tissot Quickster is very readable and well constructed, and with the Swiss Made designation, something to consider at the price.  tissot.ch

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Tissot Quickster
  • Price: $495 (other versions start at $425)
  • Who’s it for?: Someone looking for a clean Swiss Quartz Chrono
  • Would I wear it?:  I like the design, but I prefer mechanical watches.
  • What I’d change: A wider strap
  • The best thing about it:  The chrono does not get in the way of the watch.


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