The Todd Snyder collection from Timex has been excellent. Separately, Timex Q has been a great revival of a classic case and bracelet. What happens when the two cross streams? ONLY GOOD THINGS.

From the top view, the Timex Q is a very 1970s shape, with hidden lugs that shroud the top of the bracelet end link. The usual Timex Q has a very 1970s bracelet, with short links, 7 links across.

And it’s a very comfortable 1970s size, in 38mm, 11.5mm thin. What’s really nice is that the Q has such a vintage profile, with a mid-case side that recalls really cool vintage divers.

And it doesn’t stop at the side – the bezel is grippy only at the top, just below the domed crystal. This is vintage, cool, and functional.

What makes a Todd Snyder X Timex Q different from the usual Timex Q line?

For one thing, the bracelet. The Todd Snyder gets a beautiful mono link style bracelet – each link is articulated on the back side, for a clean, almost Giugiaro-look on the front.

The usual Timex Q has a bi-color bezel. Here, Snyder has given it an all steel appearance.

The Timex Q dial is a flat one with lumed dive markings for the hours. The Todd Snyder X Timex Q gets applied metal indices, stick hands instead of dive hands, and is generally dressier in every way than the dive oriented Timex Q.

If you want a Todd Snyder X Timex Q, they’re limited edition. Good news! It won’t cost you anymore than the regular Timex Q, at $179 USD. The Todd Snyder X Timex Q is available from

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Last Update: June 12, 2020

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