Well, to be honest, they’ve been online for a long time (don’t believe?  Go here).  In this case, Online refers to their latest design that warps the time display conventions.

If you’re not familiar with TokyoFlash, I really recommend you read some of our prior reviews (links will show up in the Related Items at the bottom of the post), as it will give you a feel for how they work.  In short, they create visually interesting time pieces that, once you adjust to them, are actually easier to read than you might think.

On this one, the display almost looks like what you’d see if you cut open an ethernet cable and laid it flat (8 in the middle, and the outer edges being the shielding) (perhaps that’s where the Online name came from?).  When it comes time to check the time (or the date), those lines twist about a little bit, and the numbers are revealed.

Aside from the interesting display, there’s another really clever technical trick to the watch – it actually contains an accelerometer.  What that means is, when you twist your wrist to look at the time, the display snaps to to show you the time.  But put your arm back down, and it just becomes a pattern with no information to it.

As with most TF watches, this one features a quartz movement with alarm function, 3 ATM Water resistance rating, and a metal bracelet.  The case itself measures in at 33 x 51mm (14.4mm thick) so it will have some presence on the wrist – and at 5.6 oz, you won’t forget it’s there.

If this watch has grabbed your interest, stayed tuned – we’re hoping to do a hands-on review very soon.  Or, if you can’t wait, head here and pick up your own for $169

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