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TokyoFlash Goes To The Retro Future




What else would you call it with these new models that pair the quirky Rogue and Stencil with wooden cases (ala Sprout or Tense?) with wooden cases and (for the Rogue) a wooden bracelet?


If you’d like to know a little more about either model, feel free to click on the links up above, where you’ll get to our hands on reviews of previous models in both lines.  The technical and time-keeping aspects have all remained unchanged, as the internals (and screens) are all the same.


The big change here, of course, is with the inclusion of wood.  This definitely give a bit of a different look, as it’s not often you see these sort of futuristics LCD screens paired with the material.  As an additional plus, this will also (or at least should) help reduce the weight of the watches, making them an interesting choice for summertime wear.


You can check out the Rouge SR2 Wood here, and the Stencil Wood here.


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