Do you remember those “magic picture” posters that were all the rage in the mid-90s?  Well, TokyoFlash Japan has introduced a new model, the Optical Illusion, that utilizes some similar principles.  Unlike those posters, however, there is a button that will allow you to display the time without having to trick your eyes.  Read on for the introduction sales special, and the bulk of the press release.

First, the sale.  The Kisai Optical Illusion is available at a 48 hour limited time release price of $179 (€132, £115) including free shipping until Friday January 27th at 11:30am (Japan time).   After that, it goes to it’s regular price of $199 (€147, £128).

“The limited edition Kisai Optical Illusion watch displays the time digitally through a maze of high resolution diagonal lines. Like many optical illusions, it’s really easy to see once you have trained your eyes. The direction of the lines in the display allows your eyes and brain to process only the lines that make up the digits that show the time.”

Kisai Optical Illusion comes in black or silver with a natural or green LCD display. It has a touch screen display with time, date, alarm, EL backlight and animation.  All in all, an interesting twist.  We’re looking into obtaining a review sample to give you a better idea of what the watch is like in the real world.

By Patrick Kansa

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  1. So cool.. I would love to see a video review of this watch. Nice Find!


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