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TokyoFlash Introduces the Kisai Stencil



I’ll be among the first to admit that many of the TokyoFlash designs have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to reading them, including a few we’ve got upcoming for review (whoops, did I forget the spoiler alert?).  Today, that’s changed with the introduction of their Stencil model.

Basically, the watch displays a very bare-bones outline of the time, and you can very quickly read what the current time is.  This one is a very intriguing model, and at $99 on pre-order, it’s a very affordable, and unique, digital watch.  If you thinking of getting one, though, you may want to move quickly.  That preorder price is only good through Thursday, February 23rd at 11:30am (Japan time); after that, it goes up to $139.

Today Tokyoflash Japan is releasing a new watch design called Kisai Stencil. It was originally a concept submitted to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog by Heather Sable, a math teacher and fan of Tokyoflash watches from the USA.

“With a brand new custom designed stainless steel case and leather strap, the colored LCD display shows the time in negative space, a technique that appears cryptic at first but is actually very simple to read. The display appears to be a pictograph of lines and dots, however, if you look at the background, you can see the digital time.”

Available in black or silver with a mirror, blue, green, red or pink LCD display, Kisai Stencil has time, date, alarm and an EL backlight for night time.

Kisai Stencil is available at a 48 hour limited time release price of $99 (€73, £63) until Thursday February 23rd at 11:30am (Japan time). The regular price will be $139 (€103, £89).

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