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TokyoFlash Is A Little Wooden These Days




In quite a few of their designs, I’d say TokyoFlash is comfortably retro-futuristic. In that their designs, while futuristic in some respects, seem to have some cues that pull from the past. Their latest fuses their LCD design with a wooden case – and wood plus LCD just reminds me of something from the 70s.


The watch in question is an update to their Zone (we wrote about the original here) , here gaining a wooden case and bracelet. For the wood, you can select from either maple or sandalwood (in dark or red finishes), which is then paired with a fairly large copper-colored bezel. Of the three choices, I think the red sandalwood is the best looking of the combinations, and minimizes the impact of that bezel.


As with most watches, the bracelet has individual links, and will be adjustable to fit your wrist. I can’t speak to this exact model, but when I’ve had wooden watches in for review in the past, they have been fairly light on the wrist, and the wood provides a fairly smooth surface.


The Zone Wood features a lot of the functionality we’ve come to expect from TokyoFlash – time, date, and alarm, all displayed via an always-on LCD screen that has a backlight you can trigger for reading the watch at night. Unlike some of their more recent releases, this watch features a conventional power source, relying on a CR2025 to power it for about a year.


Pricing is in-line with other models we’ve seen – $129, regardless of the wood finish or LCD color that you select. The Zone display seems to be a fairly easy one to pick up, and this model may be a good option for the person who likes what TokyoFlash has been putting out, but wants something with a slightly more “organic” feel to it. tokyoflash.com



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