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For those of you have been playing at home, you probably realized that a giveaway was coming up when you saw the review of the TokyoFlash Keisan. This is one of their easier-to-read watches, and could make for an interesting conversation piece at your family Thanksgiving dinner, for sure.

To enter, as before, just follow the instructions in the widget below – good luck!

Our thanks go out to TokyoFlash for sponsoring this giveaway, and the prior two.

ByPatrick Kansa

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16 thoughts on “TokyoFlash Keisan Giveaway”
  1. Hi.. Patrick nice giveaway 🙂 i just completed all the entries. this is a good watch i would like to win this.
    count me in giveaway participants 🙂
    hope to win

  2. I would love to win this watch. It’s definitely not like any other watch I own. While I typically prefer traditional displays, this is something I could sport to spark a conversation.

  3. I bought a Tokyo Flash watch several years back and to my chagrin found it to be the only watch that regularly drew comments from people that didn’t care about watches,

  4. I have always viewed most things, including watchmaking, as a series of beneficial innovations. The new and unique is exciting to me. If all anyone wanted out of a watch was readability then we’d all be walking around with digital Casios strapped to our wrists. Fortunately, there is more to a timepiece than that. Is the Keisan a bit gimmicky? Maybe. But it’s new, and it’s interesting, and that’s more than enough for it to deserve some respect and recognition.

  5. I prefer traditional watches but these do have their place (especially if its on my wrist after this contest!)

  6. Interesting display. I like unusual watches with different displays than the typical analogue dials, but they ought to be legible. Tokyo Flash watches are cool, but I feel like I need an owner’s manual to decipher them.

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