That’s right – as I referenced in our review yesterday, TokyoFlash has actually provided the Tenmetsu to be part of a giveaway. So, if you’d like your chance to get your hands on the “stoplight” watch, read on to find out how.

It’s pretty simple, actually – just use the widget below to get your entries in.  Good luck, and thanks to TokyoFlash for sponsoring the giveaway!


ByPatrick Kansa

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16 thoughts on “TokyoFlash Kisai Tenmetsu Giveaway!”
  1. I would just like to wear this because no one would know what it is let alone how to read it. Haha

  2. I prefer more traditional methods of telling time but I definitely think that there’s room for fun stuff like this.

  3. As a collector and apprentice watch (breaker) maker I prefer a conventional looking watch but im open to new styles. Thank you for the contest.

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